Boss reverb delay; the difference between reverb and delay:

Since the first known guitar effects pedal was manufactured in 1962 called Maestro Fuzz Tone, guitarists have debated the best sounding sounding guitar effects like reverb and delay. Before going into which pedals are beieved to be the best out today, you must first understand the difference between the two.

What is reverb?

Reverb is a guitar effect that simulates your amplifier being blasted into a large room or auditorium. The effect achieved is a "boomy" echoing sound that fattens up your otherwise guitar signal. There are multiple brands who manufacture many different types of reverb such as spring, hall, plate, room, and reverse. The result is many of the best reverb pedals have up to 10 difference "modes" of reverb all built into one compact stomp box.

What is delay?

Delay is often used in combination with reverb to "fatten" a guitar or vocal signal making it seem more dense and powerful. Delay is the "echo" that you hear repeated after the original sound is made. Common features of include changing the "level" or the volume of the sound of the delay, as well as the number of repetitions you hear when a sound is made. More complex adjustments like the "emulation" of delay that is used like tape, or analog as well as the tempo at which the delay is repeated.

Boss Digital Reverb RV-5 (37915)The best Boss reverb pedal:

The best Boss reverb pedal for the money if you are looking for flexibility and number of sounds is the RV-5 digital reverb pedal. Perhaps there are other Boss pedals out there that perform one task better than the RV-5, but for overall features of a single digital reverb pedal the RV-5 wins hands down. With stereo input and output as well as 5 modes of reverb, the RV-5 seamlessly integrates options with functionality. If you are satisfied with your current digital reverb sounds, you might want to compare the Boss RV-5 Vs. the Boss Fender 63 Reverb FVR-1.

Boss DD-20 Giga Delay (37916)The best Boss digital delay pedal:

The granddaddy of all Boss delay pedals is a powerhouse known as the Boss Giga Delay DD-20. It has more functionality and features packed into one pedal than any other stompbox of any brand. With the longest delay of 23 seconds available in any pedal, as well as the ability to save 4 presets and tap in tempos in real time, the Giga Delay is the best delay pedal money can buy right now. If you aren't convinced the DD-20 is the best delay pedal for the money, you might want to compare the features of the Giga Delay DD-20 Vs. the Nova Delay ND1.