Dog Breed Info & Guide: Boston Terrier Pug Mix Cross

A dog that's a mix between a Boston Terrier and a Pug is sometimes also called a Bugg. These are adorable little dogs, and are what are known as designer dogs. This means that they're a mix between two already existing breeds of dog.

What is a Bugg?

A Bugg is a mix between a Boston Terrier and a Pug, which can mean one of two things. It could be that your Bugg is the puppy of two other Buggs, but it's also possible that your Bugg will have one Boston Terrier parent and one Pug parent. This depends on how your breeder chooses to breed his puppies.

What Do I Need to Know About Designer Dogs?

When you get a purebred dog it's very easy to predict how big your puppy will grow and what his character will be like, since these dogs are bred to certain standards. With designer dogs, or crossbreeds, this is more difficult because they will inherit different characteristics from each of their parents. This means that we can only make generalisations about your dog taken from what we know about his parent breeds.

How Big Will my Puppy Grow?

Both parent dogs are relatively small breeds. A Boston Terrier generally grows to around 15 to 17 inches tall and between 10 and 25 pounds in weight. A Pug is a little smaller, and usually grows to between 10 and 14 inches tall and between 13 and 20 pounds in weight.

This means that it's safe to assume that your Bugg will also be quite a small dog. He'll probably be a little smaller than the average Boston Terrier but a little larger than the average Pug.

What Will My Bugg's Coat Be Like?

Boston Terriers and Pugs have very similar coats. They're both short haired breeds, with smooth, silky coats that are straight, rather than being wavy or curly. This means that your Bugg will almost certainly be the same: short haired, smooth and silky.

Are There Any Coat Concerns with Boston-Terrier Pug Mixes?

In terms of coat care, Buggs are very low maintenance. They don't require grooming, styling or cutting, and they don't need much brushing either. They will need to be shampooed occasionally. Buggs also don't tend to shed much hair. One concern is cold weather though. These small dogs with their short coats don't fare well in cold temperatures, and may require a coat or sweater to walk outside, and should definitely never be left outside in freezing weather.

What Will My Bugg's Personality Be Like?

Boston Terriers are lively, playful and highly intelligent dogs, whilst Pugs are affectioate, active and curious. Both breeds require training, which they enjoy and take to very well, and without it can become hard to handle and a little overwhelming. This means that your Bugg is likely to be an active and loving pet, with plenty of intelligence and a good aptitude for training.

How Much Exercise Does this Designer Breed Need?

Given that Boston Terriers and Pugs are both very active dogs, it's likely that your Bugg will be equally lively, meaning he'll need plenty of exercise. Fortunately, since he's probably going to be a small breed a lot of exercise for him is not a lot of exercise for you! You'll need daily walks, and a run in the garden or park would be nice, but you shouldn't need to go hiking with a Bugg. His short legs will tire fairly easily on a long walk.

Are There Any Specific Health Concerns Associated with Buggs?

Boston Terriers do tend to suffer from eye problems, due to their protruding eyes, as well as breathing problems due to their squashed muzzles. Pugs also may suffer from breathing problems. In both breeds having puppies can be an issue, due to their small pelvises and birth sometimes requires a caesarian section. However, a Bugg is a crossbreed and therefore sturdier and healthier than a purebred dog, so your puppy will be less likely to suffer from these problems.

How Do I Know if a Boston Terrier Pug Mix is Right for Me?

The best way to know if this breed is for you is to arrange a visit with a Bugg owning friend or a local breeder. You can also try looking on internet forums dedicated to Bugg owners to learn more about the experiences of others with this playful little breed.