The Bosu Ball Balance Trainer is an excellent tool for building cardiovascular fitness. While popular bosu exercises are focused on toning and balance, it can also be used for a challenging cardio workout.

Plyometric Bosu Ball Exercises

Plyometric movements involve various kinds of jumps. Not only does jumping work your large lower body muscles, like the calves, quads and qlutes, but it engages your abdominals. Because the bosu ball trainer provides a soft, unstable surface, jumping onto it causes less shock to your joints than jumping onto a hard surface.

That soft, unstable surface also requires you to actively attempt to balance. It forces your body to use more energy to stabilize, working your core and training smaller muscle groups that are not often easily isolated.

Examples of Plyometric Cardio Exercises on the Bosu

Side-to-Side Foot Taps

Also called Quick Lateral Taps, this exercise on the bosu trainer gets your heart racing!

Super Straddle

If you do not have a weighted ball or dumbell handy, bring your fists up to your chin. To perform the advanced movement demonstrated at the end of the video without a weighted ball, simply slap the top of the bosu when you reach the straddle or sumo position and raise your hands as you recover your stance on the ball.

Jumping Squats

Be patient with yourself in mastering this bosu ball technique. Maintaining balance while squatting on the unstable surface of the ball is quite challenging and takes some practice.

Bosu Burpees

Popular advanced adaptations to the bosu exercise shown in this video include performing the push up directly on the floor instead of on the unstable surface of the ball or performing the push up one-handed on the bosu surface.

For a beginner, skip the full push up and instead concentrate on jumping off the bosu into a soft squat and jumping out to your hands in the plank position. From that plank, jump back to your feet and continue the exercise.

Jump and Stick

This well known bosu ball exercise is a great calf and quad burner.

Other Effective Cardio Exercises on the Bosu Ball

Lateral Quick Feet

For the beginner, lateral quick feet is an excellent basic bosu exercise that will elevate your heart rate and help get you accustomed to moving on and off the ball quickly.

Lateral High Knee Run

This advanced technique can be easily modified by removing the raisers under the right 2 bosu balls.

Bosu Mountain Climbers

Who doesn't love mountain climbers? While this is not exactly a plyometric exercise, it is a calorie burner!