Bottom freezer refrigerators are better, because they allow more storage room for frozen foods. Don't you hate it when you have a huge frozen turkey, but you find out your freezer isn't big enough for it? Well not a chance with bottom freezer refrigerators. They allow plenty of room to store large quantities of frozen foods in. Better yet, the prices for a really good bottom freezer refrigerator with a water dispenser is not that unreasonable. A good bottom freezer refrigerator usually features french doors for more storage rooms for cold drinks and foods. Bottom freezer refrigerators can be expensive or cheap, depending on what you had in mind when shopping online, or at local appliance stores.

Cheap Bottom Freezer Refrigerators with a Water Dispenser

Dacor - It's hard to find french door bottom freezer refrigerators with a water dispenser under a thousand dollars. The Dacor Stainless with Copper Trim Epicure Style Refrigerator Handle is one of the cheaper ones out on the market. The stainless steel finish provides a nice modern look for your home decor's. It's pretty simple in style, but a really nice refrigerator for its low price. It's a standard sized 26 inch refrigerator. The bottom freezer provides a little more storage room, while the two door refrigerator can still provide enough room for meats, drinks, produce, and dairy foods. An ice and water dispenser is included on the exterior of the door. Prices can range from $200-$400 dollars online. Not a bad deal if you have a tight budget in mind.


Kenmore - You can never go wrong with Kenmore appliances. They have some of the best deals, and products out on the market. The Kenmore Elite 24.8 Cubic Foot French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Acceler-Ice is one of the most popular Kenmore models out on the market. It's cheap, but spacious enough for frozen food and cold food storage. The filter water is fresh, clean, and can be dispensed on the internal side of the refrigerator. Some of the features of this Kenmore bottom freezer refrigerator include two humidity controlled crispers, removable freezer baskets, and deli trays and casseroles. Sears is selling them for good prices under a thousand dollars.

Kenmore Elite Refrigerator 27.5 cu. ft.
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(price as of Jul 4, 2014)

Top Rated Bottom Freezer Refrigerators with a Water Dispenser

Maytag Bisque - It was awarded number 5 in energy star maytag refrigerators. The ice maker provides up to five pounds of ice per 24 hours. It leaves you plenty of cold dispensing ice water to drink from. Some of the other key features to this highly top rated bottom freezer refrigerator includes the Series 200 sound silencing system puri, a vacation mode temperature alarm door, and a fresh deli drawer electronic quad cool system. It's an energy saver, and and easy to customize temperatures with its LCD display system. The water filtration provides the clean and refreshing water. Sears has a good deal going for this refrigerator.

Whirlpool Gold - The Wirlpool Gold 19.8 cubic foot french door bottom freezer refrigerator is another energy star refrigerator. It's received positive feedback for its modern design, and the large capacity of storage room in the fridge and the bottom freezer. Stuff a turkey, along with other frozen foods in the freezer without much of a hassle. The fridge doesn't take up too much space in your kitchen. The water filter system is clean and environmental friendly as well.

Wirlpool Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator

Recommended Bottom Freezer Refrigerators with Water Dispenser

Probably the best refrigerators out on the market are Viking refrigerators. The Viking VCFF136DSS is one of the nicer counter depth and bottom freezer refrigerators out on the market. It saves room in your refrigerator, along with providing a lot of storage room for frozen foods and cold foods. They are very expensive, but these are the best refrigerators out on the market. They're designed to provide plenty of room for foods, and they also have some of the best air purifiers for the cleanest air circulation in your refrigerator. Some other recommended and highly brands to shop by include GE, KitchenAide, and LG. They have much cheaper, but highly rated bottom freezer refrigerators with a water dispenser out on the market.