Bourget Motorcycles are the most sought after custom rides available in the market. Bourget Motorcycles deliver an unparalleled driving experience on the road or off road. There are a whole lot of models to choose from. Some of them are the Dragon, Fat Daddy, Kruzer Bagger, Python, and Cobra. Bourget Motorcycles are best known for their signature design, and drop seat in-frame chassis. It is such a unique design that Bourget Motorcycles hold a patent for their chassis, and jackshaft design which enables the drive chain to be cantered in all of Bourget Motorcycles wide tire chassis.

Factory custom motorcycles allow the buyer to select from a wide range of options, paint styles, engine sizes and accessories while still having the confidence, support, warranty and finance options that typically are associated with major production manufacturers. Factory custom bikes typically do not offer the total individuality of a home built bike or a "one off custom", but they do share much of the appeal that comes with a custom bike and many of the benefits of a factory production motorcycle.

This is why Bourget Motorcycles lead the way.

Each and every Bourget Motorcycle is made to specific customer requirement. With extremely high performance options and the signature Bourget design, a Bourget Motorcycle is a must have. There is an extensive range of original Bourget accessories available to personalize your bike.

But just how customizable are these choppers?

Bouget Motorcycles deliver their buyers full customization of their custom choppers. Let's take a look at the Bourget Big Daddy as an example.

You don't see a bike like this on the road everyday, the Bourget Fat Daddy features all of the unique good looks that go into every Bourget Motorcycle, while featuring the amazing in-frame oil cooling system.

If one were to purchase the Bourget Fat Daddy, here are just some of the custom features he/she can select.

In terms of paint color, buyers have the option to purchase the Kandy Color, or two stage powdercoat on frame, where the frame can be molded or paint only. You can opt for am adjustable lowering kit, air ride suspension system.

Bourget Motorcycles give the buyer an option to choose what engine they would like on their Bourget Fat Daddy. The standard engine being a 117" S&S, buyers can opt for the 124" or 131". Other options include BBW Chrome Rocker Boxes, Diamond Cut Heads and Cylinders, which can be powdercoated with any color.

The standard Bouget Fat Daddy exhaust comes in chrome, with head shields. Of course, in complience with regulations, the exhaust does meet noise emmisions. However, one can opt for a custom exhaust, which include the BBW Swoopies Style, Little Mama's Style, or Zoomies Style.

The front end and controls are fully customizable, where engraving can also be incorporated into the design of your Bourget Motorcycle. And buyers can also request to have a one off wheel design created for their Bourget Fat Daddy.

Lights, gages, paint, graphics, seats, all can be customized to meet your needs. It's no wonder why Bourget Motorcycles are one of the largest custom chopper manufacturers in the world, and it's no wonder why the Bourget Fat Daddy is one of the best in the market.

If Choppers are your thing, or your considering purchasing a Bourget Motorcycle, my first recommendation would be the Bourget Fat Daddy, followed the the Bourget Dragon, which again is fully customizable.

The Bourget Dragon bikes available on the market are the Bourget Dragon Softail, Bobber, Rigid Chopper, Rigid Standard, Softail Standard, and Softail Chopper. What's unique about the Bourget Dragon is the various unique dragon tribal color paint designs one can purchase. The custom paint jobs are amazing on the Dragon.

For more info, simply search the net for Bourget Motorcycles.