Located in the popular Meat-Packing section of Manhattan, the hip and stylish Standard New York has quickly become one of the most popular boutique hotels in New York City.

A long time passed for a Standard hotel by Andre Balazs to be built in NY. It's apparent that the designers were looking for something grand on scale, which is unusual for a company that usually takes over existing structures instead of building one from scratch.

The Standard's structure is similar in architecure to an elevated, off-kilter version of the United Nations building. Famed hotelier Andre Balazs designed the Standard New York to be located at the apex of the High Line, which is a redevelopment area that plans to change delapidated raised train lines into a outdoor shopping plaza, complete with bars and eating places, at the crossing point of 14th St. and the Hudson River.

The hotel's design departs from the usual style of interior decoration of the hotels in the Meat Packing section, choosing to use a style that takes you back to Scandinavia in the mid-1950s.

The hotel has 20 levels with over 335 rooms, "The Standard Grill" restaurant and "The Living Room" bar. Roman and Williams, who are architects from New York, were the designers. Since the hotel stands above most other local structures, the skyline and river are easily seen.

The hotels staff features expert and considerate workers, awesome views from the top south-facing levels, comfortable beds, soft and warm sheets and blankets, and a workout facility that's open continually. Room service arrives quickly and the fees for it, and the in-room drinks, are appropriate.

Large flat-screen televisions with a lot of options for movies, tunes and television programs were located in each sleeping space. One could also access a no-charge wireless connection, something that is unusual for NY City hotels.

Guests are giving the Standard New York thumbs up as a tasteful, beautiful and nice-looking hotel, complete with Husdon River views that are some of the most impressive anywhere. The interior design, room service, and food are also a cut above average.

Even thought the rooms are on the small side (after all, this is NY City) they appear larger due to smart architectural planning. The restrooms offer little consealment, which is drawing a lot of attention. To be warned, this hotel is not for people who are modest, but who are seeking excitement.

In sharp contrast to the newer and hipper Standard, The Dylan Hotel is another of the more popular boutique hotels in New York City. Located in the heart of Manhattan, at 52 East 41st Street, situated just a few short minutes from many of the most popular visitor attractions and destinations. This central location places it near Times Square, Central Park, Rockefeller Center, Fifth Avenue,Grand Central Station and The New York Public Library. What better way to spend a day than visiting some of these wonder NYC landmarks?

The hotel maintains its unique turn of the century beaux arts glamour, while still featuring the essential modern services required by both leisure and business travelers alike. The Dylan creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere unlike many other of The City's smaller, trendier hotels that seem to have cropped up in recent years.

With 107 guest rooms and Luxury and Signature Suites, each of the rooms here are clean and spacious, well-appointed and feature high ceilings, which help the rooms give an unexpected sense of spaciousness. A work desk, complementary high-speed wi-fi service along with a wide flat-screen TV, wide round out some of the rooms' basic features. The bathrooms are just a bit larger than one would expect in a New York hotel, kept clean and well stocked with some surprising luxury amenities such as Italian chrome bath fixtures along with marble and bowl-style sinks.

All rooms are individually climate controlled.

The hotel has a well-equipped business center, a fitness center, and cozy, comfortable public rooms. The Dylan also provides handicap accessible rooms,as well as the benefit of having a helpful and knowledgeable staff.

Though from completely different ends of the spectrum in terms of style and design, The Standard New York and The Dylan Hotel remain two excellent choices when seeking out comfortable and exciting boutique hotels in New York City!