If you are an avid bow hunter, then you know that there are some times after you hunting season is over where you are looking for something to do. I have found that bowfishing is a great way for bow hunters to spend their off-seasons. It offers the shooter the ability to practice their shot so that they can improve. They also get the thrill of hunting and the ability to participate in the sport of fishing. The beauty about bowfishing is that it is a very enjoyable sport that does not come with the price tag of similar hunting sports.

When many people think about bow fishing they automatically assume that it is the same thing as spear fishing. There are many similarities between the two, but the main difference is that bow fishing requires the use of a bow to shoot the arrow. The beautiful thing about then manner of bow hunting is that you are not limited to any particular bow. Many people who are just starting out have been known to use an old recurve to hunt, or they will pick an old bow up at a yard sale while they perfect their skills.

The fact of the matter is that there are specially made bowfishing bows that will definitely make your life easier, but they are not a necessity. Compound bows will do just as well as a recurve bow mainly because they are both compact in their nature. They will also provide enough speed to get your kill. Speed can be tricky because of the issue of kinetic energy. If you are talking about any other bow hunting sports then kinetic energy is always looked at in a favorable light. When you are bowfishing, you want enough speed to get your kill, but not so much that it completely tears up the fish.

It is for this reason that the arrows that are used for bow fishing matter more than the bow. When you are bowfishing the arrows that you want to use are made of fiberglass and do not have fletching. The reasoning for this is that the fiberglass arrows are heavier because they are not going to be traveling for as far of a distance. They will not have fletching because that would cause the arrow to move from its intended path. It is important to know that while it may feel similar to the different forms of bow hunting, that it is different. The arrow has the added complication of moving through the water.

You have to make sure that the broadheads that you have are barbed and made for bowfishing. This will help to hold the fish in place once you have gotten your shot. You also need to make sure that you have a fishing reel that is attached to the arrow. There are bowfishing arrows that have a slide mechanism that attaches the line to the arrow shaft. It is not recommended that you simply tie the line to the bowstring because you can be injured. If there were nothing attached to the arrow, how would you be able to reel in your fish? The reel that you should get is specifically made for bowfishing so that it will reel out much faster than a regular rod. Now that you have learned the basics of bow fishing, I recommend you head out on the lake and test your skills out!