Bowflex Revolution Home Gym


In the past i have seen home gyms with maximum 50 exercises, the Bowflex Revolution givs you up to 100 exercises that was a big con for me. I really liked the warranty also, 10 years on materials and workmanship and 10 years on weight stack. For me that was an prove that this machine must be built to last and it is of high quality. I also love that is folding so i can store it into a closet when guest are sleeping over. There were no troubles when i assembed the home gym and with the DVD i got a good overview how to workout and in which exercise built which muscle. The Leg press Plate let you built muscle legs very fast and the built in rowing machine is good for cardio and losing lazy sweat.


The biggest con of the Bowflex Revolution is that it does not have the squat harness, ab back pad and lat tower available on the gym. Another con is that in my opinion the machine mat must be included within the price of the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym.

Full Review

Most people have trouble losing weight. For me this was just the same, until i discovered the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym. This home gym comes with a 6 weeks not any fitter money back guarantee.
So if you are after six weeks not 100% happy with the results and you workout six weeks long on the Bowflex Revolution then you will get your money back. I am very skeptical about all home gyms because i now there are a lot of bad quality home gyms on the market, but this little sales trick from Bowflex pulled me in and i bought the Bowflex Revolution.
The Bowflex Revoution haves over 100 exercises to choose from and in 400 variations, yes i said 400! Of course a lot of these variations are alike but try them all out and see what you like. The Bowflex Revolution provides you with a Spiraflex Resistance Technology that makes sure your body get the resistance it needs when doing the exercises. The Freedom Arms make you really use your upper body and they have a 170 angle to do all kind of exercises. The built in rowing machine and workout DVD are two features that make this machine really incredible. In short i will tell you what i liked and disliked about the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym.

In Closing

Using the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym for almost three months now i am glad i canceled my gym membership. It saves me a lot of time and i think having time to do things you like is one of the most valuable things in the world. Hope you found this review useful!