Bowflex is one of the most well known names in all of the workout world. They have earned a reputation over the past couple decades for being innovative, cutting edge, and putting out solid pieces of weight training equipment which provide a surprising amount of different exercises. Here in this article we'll take a look at the two main branches of their weight training ensemble: their home gyms and their SelectTech dumbbells.Bowflex evolution home gym

Home Gyms

The original Bowflex home gym is called the Power Rod. It is still a part of their product line today. The best of these has a no-change cable pully system that allows you to jump from exercise to exercise without changing any pins. It offers basically everything you would expect from a home gym: a seat on which to do leg curls, lateral pull downs, crunches, etc. The Ultimate 2 piece of weight training equipment by Bowflex has the capability to do up to 95 different exercises, which is just stunning. Of course, who would ever do all of those? But it is nice to know you have options: if you don't like one particular weight scheme you can just try another.

Bowflex has also more recently added the Revolution home gym to their repertoire of weight training equipment for at home use. These machines offer about 200 to 220 pounds of resistance. They give anywhere from 90 to 100 different exercises. They appear to be a little more compact and streamlined as well. Prices range from $2,500 up to $3,000.

SelectTech Dumbbells

Bowflex's SelectTech dumbbells are not your ordinary dumbbells. They are quite advanced. Who thought that such a simple thing could be made more complicated! Well it has been made so, but let's see what the actual innovations are and if they might make it worth the extra price on the price tag.

The first thing I would say is that these are not for everyone. They are definitely more geared towards the serious person who knows how to use his or her weight training equipment. That is because to get the full use out of these dumbbells you will probably be alternating weights and going very in depth to the subtleties of working out and muscle building. If that is you, then you may want to consider these. They will certainly be able to replace your gym membership if you are strapped for time. They can basically replace almost any hardcore weight training workout. That is how extensive and well thought out they are.

As you can see, Bowflex continues to methodically put out only the highest quality of new weight training equipment. Instead of flooding the market with a ton of different products, they have chosen to focus on building individual superior home gyms, dumbbells, and other machines. I applaud them for this, and I hope their customers are rewarding them, too. In this age of throw away everything, we need more companies which are focusing on innovation and producing only the highest quality products for their customers.