Discover what makes the Bowflex XTL one of the best home gym units out there.

If you are looking for the ultimate workout machine your search is over; the Bowflex XTL is one of the best rated home gym systems on the market.

Bowflex reviews this machine as one of the most effective machines that strengthens, sculpts, tones and gives the user the best work out at a most reasonable price.

It has an adjustable pulley system that changes the angle of resistance to define and target muscle groups for the best possible results.

The Bowflex XTL will replace your gym membership and save you hundreds of dollars a year; this machine is all you need to get the maximum workout you thought you could only get from a paid gym subscription.
Bowflex XTL Review
Some of the features offered with the Bowflex XTL are:

  • Comes with 310 lbs of Resistance Standard: It gives you the feel of using free weights without risking damaging joints from standard free weight lifting. It is upgradable to 410 pounds.
  • Lateral Tower and Angled Bar: Helps you build back and shoulder muscles quickly.
  • Comes with Rowing Machine: Great for an excellent cardio workout, warm up and cool down with a very smooth motion of rowing.
  • Comes with leg extension and leg curl attachments: This is an excellent way to exercise and build and tone your legs.
  • Hand-Grip and ankle Cuffs: Versatile hand grips that allow you the most comfortable workout possible.
  • Comes with an adjustable pulley: Pulley adjusts to give you an excellent upper body workout, bench press, and makes your total workout more challenging.
  • Comes with a t-Bar: This feature adds a higher level of intensity to your rowing workout.
  • Comes with a leg-Press: Gives you the maximum leg press or curl exercise.
  • Every machine comes with an owner's manual: Will guide you through your complete workout with informative techniques to increase the results you desire.
  • This machine fits perfectly in your home and with your lifestyle: Has handy wheels to allow you to move it to any destination within your home and folds up neatly for easy storage.

As you can see, the features offered with the Bowflex XTL will give you the maximum workout in the comfort of your own home.

You can forget about the hassle of making it to the gym; the Bowflex XTL system fits into your schedule as it is accessible by just walking into your home gym area a few steps from your living room.

It doesn't get any easier than that. It is quite easy to see why the Bowflex XTL reviews are so high; the product they offer is worth every dime you put into it.