It's Time to Bowl More Strikes

Bowl StrikesWhether you are a beginner or whether you have bowled before, the first time most of us ever remember seeing someone bowl strikes consistently, we wanted to learn how to do that.

While picking up a 7-10 split takes tremendous skill, people would rather bowl strikes simply because of the amazing sense of accomplishment that you get from that familiar sound of all the pins being knocked over.

So let us look at the steps that you need to have in place before you can bowl strikes consistently.

Step 1: The first thing to do is make sure that lead with the proper foot. If you are right handed be sure to start with your right foot. If you are a lefty be sure to start with your left foot. If you start off on the wrong foot, you run the risk
of being off balance and you will be more concerned about staying upright than with your attempt to bowl strikes.

Step 2: The moment you start moving forward, it is important that you focus on keeping your shoulders square with the foul line. If you move or twist one way or another, you are going to put some unwanted spin on your ball and it will veer to the left or the right.

Step 3: Make sure you swing the ball backwards in a straight line; even Fred Flintstone got this part right. Do not swing the ball around your body. Doing this will make you more prone to throwing gutter balls each time.

Step 4: Be sure to stop right in front of the foul line before you let the ball go. There is nothing more frustrating than when you a bowl strike, but still end up with a big 'F' on the scoreboard because you managed to slip a toe over the foul line.

Step 5: Most commercial lanes that you are going to visit will have arrows or dots on the lane to help you guide your ball. Even though the professionals on television make it look really easy (and cool!) to start with hooking the bowling ball, try to aim for the head pin because it gives beginners (that are straight bowlers) the best chance to bowl strikes.

Step 6: Remember the first time you ever picked up a bowling ball and got ready to throw? The only thing most people focus on is their feet, their stance and whether or not they are going to cross the foul line. Once you start getting more comfortable with the game, you need to focus on the pins themselves.

While bowling might not have complicated rules or require too much physical exertion, it is still going to take some time before you get good enough to where you bowl strikes consistently. The most important thing to remember is that practicing to utilize proper bowling technique is only going to make you better.