Bowling can be intimidating to the newbie.  When you are just starting out, everyone at the lanes seems as if they must be a pro. Beginning as a bowler does not have to be torture, however. There are a few basic techniques and skills that will soon have everyone looking at you as if you were the pro.

Pyramid Path Blue, Black and WhiteThe pros say that the game of bowling is 90% mental and is the first challenge of bowling. You must be confident to be good at bowling. Everyone has successes and failures, and bowling is no different. Don’t get discouraged. Develop techniques to stay both confident and focused and you will be able to have a consistent bowling game.

A lot of professionals have their own ritual or routine for each shot and recommend that beginners do the same. Whatever it is, it should help you drown out the distractions of the alley and stay focused on the shot at hand. It could be as simple as deep breathing exercises, or wiping down the bowling ball. Figure out what works for you to help you be confident and calm while you are bowling.

Plasma Bowling BallCaring for your equipment the right way is just as important as staying calm. If you are a true beginner, chances are you are using the balls and shoes provided by the bowling alley. Once you decide bowling will be a regular hobby for you, you will need your own ball and shoes. You can go to a bowling store and try balls in different weights and sizes to see which will suit you best. The staff at the shop can help you find the best ball for you. They can also help you find shoes to suit your skill level.

Once you find the gear that is right for you, it is imperative that you care for it the right way. Your ball should be wiped down with rubbing alcohol after every match. Every few weeks the ball will need to be soaked in dish detergent and warm water to take off any extra oil that has accumulated. The shop owner should be able to tell you what other care your ball may need. Many require sanding, waxing and polishing.

Ebonite Ultra Dry Grip Sack (colors may varyAlso, learn the lingo of bowling. Like any sport or hobby it has its own vocabulary and rules. A book on bowling should help. If you are not a reader, try taking some lessons from someone more experienced than you, pick their brain for things you want to know.

Other bowlers can be a fantastic resource for the beginner. If you can get over the anxiety of being the “new kid” and ask questions, most other bowlers will be happy to explain things and give the beginner some tips and tricks. There really is no embarrassment in asking. Keep your eyes on successful bowlers and try to see what they are doing to make it that way. Maybe you could incorporate some of their moves into your game.

No matter if it’s your first time bowling or you have had a little practice, don’t worry. If you stay confident and focused, take care of your gear and learn from the other bowlers around you, you will be just fine. Your game will improve quickly and bowling will become easier each time.