Investigating The Various Ways To Hold Your Bowling Ball

The grip a bowler has on their bowling ball is extremely important to their game. It affects the accuracy and power of each shot. As with the rest of bowling, there are options when it comes to gripping the ball. The various types of techniques that are available to a bowler are: the finger tip grip, the conventional grip, the Sarge-Easter grip and the semi-fingertip grip. Each has its own pros and cons that come with using it.

Pyramid Path Blue, Black and WhiteMostly advanced players utilize the fingertip grip. This technique allows the bowler to put more spin into the shot, increasing the hook of the ball. For this type of grip the finger holes of the bowling ball are drilled so that they are shallower. The thumb hole is how it would regularly be. The fingertip grip requires the bowler to have more wrist and arm strength, since the ball is gripped with only the fingertips and the finger holes are placed wider apart.

The Old School Method Is Really Popular With Beginning Bowlers

Plasma Bowling BallThe conventional grip is the bowling grip that is used most widely. With this grip, which is popular with beginning bowlers, the players put their ring and middle fingers into the two holes at the top of the ball that are next to each other. With the conventional grip the fingers are put into the finger holes up to their second knuckles and the thumb inserted all the way into the wider hole below the finger holes. This grip inspires the bowler to feel they have control of the ball. This is the reason why less seasoned players use it most. Hooks are possible, but a little more challenging while using this technique than with the fingertip grip.

Ebonite Cyclone Bowling Ball- Black, Gold and SilverThe Sarge-Easter grip is ideal for the bowler who can’t resist putting excessive spin while using the fingertip grip. For this grip the ring finger hole is the regular depth, but the middle finger only fingertip size. The thumb is the same for this grip as with the others. This grip causes less rotation sideways and more forward so the bowler can decrease how much hook their shot has.

The semi-fingertip grip is like a combination of the fingertip grip and the conventional grip. This shot is good for intermediate bowlers, allowing more hook but retaining a sense of control for those who don’t have the experience to use the fingertip grip. In this grip the fingers are put into the ball about halfway, the thumb once again goes all the way into the ball.

Clear Eye Ball Bowling BallRegardless of Skill Level, Finding The Technique For You Can Raise Your Average

No matter what skill level a bowler may be at, figuring out which grip is right for them can help boost bowling averages and how much fun the player has. If a bowler is using the balls the alley provides, changing grips may be impossible, making it something that a bowler would change when using their own ball. Usually, once a bowler decides to get their own ball, they will know their strengths and weaknesses and be able to choose an appropriate grip.