When purchasing a bowling ball online you will be responsible to have it drilled. Some companies will drill a ball to your specifications and then mail it out to you. The problem is you can NEVER have a bowling ball properly drilled over the internet. If you buy a ball at the local pro-shop then usually they will drill the ball out for free. If you purchase a bowling ball online you will save money on the cost of the bowling ball but you will still have to get it drilled to fit your hand locally. When you buy a bowling ball online and then take it into your local pro-shop you will be charged a drilling fee.

Bowling Ball HolesDo not try to drill a ball yourself. You want an experienced ball driller at your local bowling pro-shop in order to have it fit you properly. If you are serious about wanting to improve your bowling score then you need to get properly fitted for a bowling ball and also have it drilled out properly.

Some people will have two exact bowling balls but will have them drilled differently. One of the balls may be drilled with larger holes then the other ball. You can bowl with the properly fitted bowling ball and then after a few games when your thumb and fingers begin to swell up they will switch to the other ball that is exactly the same except the holes are drilled a bit larger. This will allow the bowler to use the same ball and style for bowling even after there fingers swell.

A drilling pro will first ask questions before he or she drills your ball. Are you looking to have your holes drilled "off Axis" because of your bowling technique? Do you have a spare ball that you only use to pick up spares?

A local bowling shop will not only drill you ball but will follow you out to the bowling lanes and watch you bowl a few frames. If any minor adjustments are needed they can be performed immediately. 100 percent satisfaction is what you will get with a qualified expert bowling ball driller.

If you are just a casual bowler then the pattern and drilling on your bowling ball is less important. If you bowl on a league then getting your own bowling ball fitted and drilled properly is of the utmost importance. Image Credit:( Flickr/jonnykeelty)