The Importance of Bowling Equipment Maintenance

For avid bowlers who participate in routine bowling league play and tournament competition it is vastly important to practice good bowling equipment maintenance procedures to keep your bowling equipment in top shape. You don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive bowling balls, bowling shoes, bags, and accessories just to watch them wear out twice as fast as they should. Determining a quality maintenance schedule for your bowling equipment is a necessary evil.

Types of Bowling Equipment

It's not just bowling balls and bags that are worth spending time grooming either. High end bowling shoes can cost well over one hundred dollars even at online pro shops and discount retailers. It is important to periodically take a wire brush to the bottom of your shoes to keep the slide pads clean and uniform.

Bowling ball bags are another very important piece of bowling equipment that should be maintained. This is especially important in the case of warm weather climates. When bowling balls and other bowling equipment sit in the bowling ball bags which are left in the truck of cars oil can seep out of the bowling balls and accumulate on the inside of the bag. This can potentially transfer to all the other bowling equipment which is kept in the bag. It is very important to keep the insides of your bags vacuumed out and cleaned regularly.

Bowling Ball Maintenance

Obviously the bowling ball is the dirtiest of all bowling equipment as it is routinely dirtied through normal usage. Every time you throw a bowling ball down a lane it picks up oil. If this oil is not cleaned off after each use it can soak into the pores of the ball and decrease its useful life. This will cause you to have to resurface your bowling ball at your local pro shop or simply buy a bowling ball to replace your old ball. Regular maintenance can minimize the turnover and decline of your bowling equipment.

Taking care of your bowling equipment buy buying a proper roller bowling ball bag with an interior hard casing is another easy one-time addition to your maintenance. The hard casing and extra storage of a quality bowling ball bag can keep your bowling shoes separated from your ball cleaners and polish. Multiple pockets in your bag can also keep your shoe pads away from rosin and other products which could alter the slide of the shoe on the bowling approach.

Taking care of your bowling equipment is very important both for the longevity of your bowling gear and for the safety of your bowling game. Make it a point to asses your bowling equipment and see where you are lacking in the maintenance department. You may find that better bowling equipment maintenance can help you become a better bowler regularly throwing higher scores.