bowling etiquetteUnderstanding proper bowling etiquette will make your bowling experiences more enjoyable. There are many articles that have been written about how to bowl, how to score your bowling game and what kind of ball to use, but very few on how people should behave in bowling alleys.

While most bowling alleys have the rules of bowling posted in the facility, there are plenty of unwritten rules when it comes to having fun in bowling alleys. If you want to ensure that you do not accidently break one of these rules, then read on to learn proper bowling etiquette.

Understanding Proper Bowling Etiquette

Be sure to wear bowling shoes: This is actually a rule that is generally enforced by most bowling alleys. When you do not wear specific bowling shoes, but instead wear shoes that you also wear outside, you run the risk of seriously hurting yourself. Bowling alleys would prefer not to have you fall and hurt yourself simply because you did not want to change into a pair of bowling shoes.

Do not grab someone else's ball: Granted, most of the people are going to play with the balls that belong to the bowling alleys. However, most people still get salty when you grab a ball that they have designated as their own. It does not hurt to ask.

Yield the lane – to the right: If you and the person bowling in the lane next to you both get up at the exact same time, it is common courtesy to yield to the person on the right. This allows them to focus on their delivery rather than worrying about whether you are going to swing lefty or righty.

It is their lane for a reason: Though this should be common sense, try not to infringe on the lane of others. This includes stepping over onto their lane to make a quick run to the bathroom or get another drink. While it might seem like the 'long way' at the time, just go around and be polite.

Be nice, people can hear you: Sure, it can be incredibly frustrating to miss a spare when it would have brought you the win, but there is no reason to loud and obnoxious. When people say that bowling is fun for all the family, it is generally because parents can take their kids to bowling alleys. So frustration is understandable, just be respectful of the people around you.

Keep your food or drink away from the equipment: Some people really seem to believe that they can bowl better when they have a beer or their favorite soda in hand. However, just because you are hungry for nachos or want to drink a beer, does not mean that bowling alleys should have to clean up after you.

Bowling is an amazing game to play, you can play with your friends, by yourself or take on complete strangers and chances are you are still going to enjoy yourself. Hopefully by learning proper bowling etiquette you are able to enjoy yourself without running into any trouble or accidently upsetting some of the regulars!