Avoid Common Pitfalls With These Bowling Tips

It's Important to Remember That Bowling Doesn't Have To Be Difficult

There are plenty of articles available that provide you with bowling tips that consist of nothing more than 'chuck the ball directly at the pins' even though that is still valuable advice, there is something to be said for those people who want to learn a bit more about what you may experience as a first timer. So these bowling tips are here to help you avoid some of the common pitfalls and correct some of the basic problems that most beginning bowlers face.

Plasma Bowling BallGet the right ball for you, the heaviest you can handle

One of the most important bowling tips is to grab a ball that you can comfortably swing, but not too comfortable. Try out the different weights and see which one you can easily swing and which one just seems too heavy. One of the big reasons that heavier is better is because you can drive the ball forward with more force and the more force behind the ball the better when they hit the pins. In addition, a ball that is too light is going to force you to overthrow whereas a ball that is too heavy is not going to allow you to follow through with your swing.

Ebonite Ultra Dry Grip Sack (colors may varyWant to bowl strikes? Aim for the head pin

What good would an article with bowling tips be if it did not teach you how to throw the Holy Grail of bowling? Statistically speaking you have the best chance of throwing a strike if you hit the pins on either side of the head pin. You do not want to directly aim for the head pin though, point in case…

Leaving pins on the side? You may be taking be aiming too directly at the head pin

If you are knocking down the middle pins ok but keep leaving pins on either side, you are probably hitting the head pin dead on. Try approaching the head pin from a little bit to the left or right, this is going to ensure that you not only knock the middle down, but send the rest of those pins down as well.

Ebonite Cyclone Bowling Ball- Black, Gold and SilverAre you leaving the 5 pin? You may be aiming too far to the side

Some people take that last advice to heart and start aiming to the side, sometimes this means that they will knock down the head pin but leave the 5 pin (the 5 is the pin directly behind the head pin)  try finding a balance and if you consistently leave the 5 pin aim a little more towards the head pin.

Lastly, if you really are a beginner one of the most important bowling tips is that you actually let go of the ball at the right time of the release. You would not be the first person to hit themselves directly in the shin with their own ball. Now it is time to go out to the lanes and start enjoying yourself!