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The beginning bowler may have no idea, but their center of gravity has a lot to do with their bowling game. A bowler’s center of gravity can affect and be affected by a number of things. If the bowler is aware of these things, naturally they can use them to their advantage.

Ebonite Deluxe Ball Polisher and CarrierFirst off, it is very important to note that while discussing the gravity in bowling it is actually the ball that is being spoken of. Bowling balls vary greatly and many experienced players go out of their way to personalize their bowling balls to get the exact right center of gravity and get every bit of performance they can from the ball.

The top and bottom weight of the bowling ball affect the center of gravity of the ball more than anything else. Top and bottom weight refer to the finger holes and how the ball is adjusted for the missing weight when they are drilled out. Without adding some kind of counterweight the ball would wobble down the lane, rather than roll. Beginners usually do not even consider that there could be as many as a couple of ounces that have been drilled out of the top of the ball, yet the ball still rolls smoothly. That would not be so without the counterweight.

Ebonite Cyclone Bowling Ball- Black, Gold and SilverSome Bowlers Drill Extra Holes In Their Balls To Change The Weight Distribution

If you closely examine a bowling ball, you can see where the center of gravity is. There is a small dot on the ball, which is where the counterweight is located. Seasoned bowlers have found they can change their bowling ball’s performance by drilling extra holes in them and changing the weight distribution in the ball and its center of gravity. The ball will travel toward the side that is heavier slightly.

Clear Eye Ball Bowling BallIt is very important that you know what you are doing before drilling extra holes into the ball to change its center of gravity. If the holes are not in precisely the right place, you may end up hurting your game rather than making it better. It is also important to remember that the slight changes in the ball’s trajectory that changing its center of gravity cannot make up for lack of skill or poor conditions on the lane.

As you can see, bowling really has more to do with center of gravity than many people think. Before drilling holes, try adjusting the center of gravity by adjusting your posture, swing and/or release of the ball. Practice and make sure you have a thorough understanding of what all of the things that affect the center of gravity are. Then and only then do you drill your bowling ball.

In order to learn more about center of gravity, you can pick up a book on bowling, or ask someone who has been seriously into it for longer than you have been. You may be surprised by the types of little adjustments a bowler can make to perfect their center of gravity and their game.