The Technology of Bowtech Compound Bows

Whether for actually hunting or perhaps just for the sport of archery, you need a bow that you can rely on and that you are proud of. Bowtech compound bows are the ones you should look to. With the growing ranks in both hunting and archery, the demand for bows has grown, but the demand for quality has definitely not been lost in it all. Popular in the world of compound bows, Bowtech compound bows make their stance and own name among the others without question. A dependable line of compound bows and accessories, they are a well known and trusted brand, and their quality has never been lost.

Bowtech instills cutting edge technology in its bows that work with their strings, sights and the entirety of the bows themselves. Each of the following examples draw on that technology and create sturdy bows with less to it component-wise, and even less on the weight, creating an easier to use bow, without the expense of the power and speed that you would want and need in a bow. Each bow offers its own brand of quality and innovation to the previous line, continuing the reputation of Bowtech compound bows. Some of their newest products in the long line of Bowtech compound bows are the Admiral FLX, Sniper, and finally the S.W.A.T.


Boasting high speeds and an easy pull system, the Sniper continues to be a strong choice among the Bowtech compound bows. With the three pin sight and the speeds combined, you have the ability for a long range bow capable of plenty of power and superb accuracy. With its innovative system of cams, the Sniper is also excellent for those among you who enjoy the sport of Archery as well. Perfect for that swift and long distance shot you are trying to make.

Admiral FLX

With a new FLX Guard system to contain the cable systems and correct the normal issue in other bows with the tuning effects from far too much tension within the cables, and unmovable guards, the Admiral FLX brings these quality features to the table, among others. Sporting an excellent set of pins for aiming, the deadly precision of the Admiral FLX gives gospel to the line of Bowtech compound bows. The quality of the Admiral FLX shows through when regarding the fact that forging, a process reserved for equipment for high speed racing and aerospace equipment, is used in the creation of the bow. The new guard system adds to the table the fact that it creates not only an accurate and sturdy bow, but also one that is extremely forgiving on the shooter.


As with the previous two, the S.W.A.T. offers its own brand of ingenuity and innovation to the lineup. Its cable and cam system allow for a smooth draw on the part of the user, not to mention light weight and ease of use. The draw system allows an arrow to be released from the bow at about three hundred and twenty feet per second. The swift, easy to use, easy on the user, and sturdily designed S.W.A.T creates once again another choice bow for either the archer or hunter.