Dog Breed Info Guide: Lab Boxer Mix Cross

A Boxer Lab mix is sometimes known as a Boxador, and these animals are both strong and affectionate, plus they're great with kids. This breed is what we call a designer dog, or a cross breed, which means that it's a mix of two different breeds of dogs.

What is a Boxador?

A Boxador is a mix between a Boxer and a Labrador Retriever. It's possible that your puppy will be the product of two Boxadors mating, but it's also possible that your puppy will have one Boxer parent and one Labrador Retriever parent. This depends on the preferences of the breeder that you choose.

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What Should I Know About Designer Dogs?

Purebred dogs are bred to high standards over many generations, and this means that it's easy to say how they will look and act. But with designer dogs this is more difficult, since they'll inherit different traits in different amounts from each parent. This means that we can only give you guidelines about your crossbred dog based on what we know about the two parent breeds, but even two puppies from the same litter might actually be quite different.

Image Credit: "dog" | Sadie Hart | CC BY 2.0

How Big Will My Boxer Lab Mix Grow?

Boxers and Labrador Retrievers are fairly similar in size. A Boxer generally grows to between 21 and 25 inches tall and between about 52 and 70 pounds in weight. A Labrador Retriever usually grows to between 21 and 24 inches tall and to between 55 and 75 pounds in weight.

Because the two parent dogs are so similar in size and weight, it's safe to assume that your crossbred puppy will also be around the same. This means that a Boxador is a medium sized dog, so your puppy won't grow into a giant!

What is a Boxador's Coat Like?

Boxers are very short haired dogs, with a smooth, silky coat that doesn't shed very much at all. Labrador Retrievers tend to have slightly longer hair than Boxers, but again, it's a straight, smooth coat that has minimal shedding. This means that your Boxador is probably going to be relatively short haired, and its coat will be smooth rather than wavy or curly.

Are There Any Coat Concerns with Boxer Lab Mixes?

When it comes to maintenance, Boxadors are quite easy to take care of. Their coats won't need cutting, trimming or styling. You also won't need to spend hours combing them, unlike longer haired breeds. Your Boxador might need occasional brushing, especially when the seasons change and they start to shed, but other than that just a shampoo now and again should be fine. These dogs do not shed very much, though they do shed a little more in spring and late autumn.

What is a Boxador's Personality Like?

Boxers are usually happy, curious and lively dogs, and are well known for getting along with children. They are also brave and make great guard dogs. Labrador Retrievers are loving, affectionate and faithful dogs, also known for getting along well with kids. Your Boxador is probably going to be a loving dog that's active and loves being with people, and he will be great with kids, so he's a good choice for a family dog.

How Much Exercise Does a Boxador Need?

Both Boxers and Labrador Retrievers are very active dogs. This means that your Boxador is probably going to need a fair amount of exercise. You'll need to take at least one long walk a day, but two would be better. Preferably you should have a garden for this breed, as they'll need to burn a lot of energy!

Are There Any Specific Health Concerns with Boxadors?

Boxers are prone to heart conditions and skin problems, whilst Labrador Retrievers have a tendency towards hip and joint problems. Both breeds unfortunately develop cancer more often than other kinds of dogs. However, as a crossbreed a Boxador is likely to be more robust and healthier than a purebred dog, and is less likely to suffer from any of these ailments.

How Do I Know if a Boxer Lab Mix is Right for Me?

These dogs make excellent family dogs, since they're great with children. But if you're not sure, then try arranging a visit to a local breeder to meet a Boxador. You can also find online forums for Boxador owners and get more information this way.