If you’re a child of the ‘90’s, then T.G.I.F was probably a staple in your household. It never failed: every Friday, new episodes of your favorite shows aired back to back for 2 hours. What was not to love? That T.G.I.F block included the beloved series, “Boy Meets World”. For years we all watched Cory Matthews struggle through the ups and downs of his young life with his best friend, Shawn Hunter, girlfriend Topanga Lawrence, and teacher/principal/neighbor Mr. Feeny.

It was a great show that was more than just a silly comedy. For one, it was genuinely funny. Even watching the reruns, I still laugh. The dramatic moments were poignant and the last episode of the series still makes me weep like a baby. It was one of those rare shows that actually got better and deeper with every year it was on the air. And I spent years wondering why I didn’t have a teacher like Mr. Feeny. 

Fast forward to many years later, “Boy Meets World” is now a classic ‘90’s TV sitcom and every fan still mourns the end of the series. BUT, lo and behold, Disney (who owns just about everything) wants to make a spinoff of the popular show and have it revolve around Riley Matthews, Cory and Topanga’s 13 year old daughter. After the excitement of possibly seeing one of my favorite casts back on my TV, I became skeptical. I was more skeptical about Disney helming the project more than anything else. It’s not that I don’t love Disney, I do. It’s just that we’ve all seen the new lineup of TV shows that they have I can name only one that is decent enough to watch.   

Also, my second thought was that I didn’t want them to tarnish the reputation of “Boy Meets World” if it turns out to be a bad series. Many of the Disney Channel shows’ characters are whiny, bratty, annoying, and not very funny. I do not want that to be how Riley Matthews turns out. “Boy Meets World” dealt with growing up, social issues, and finding your place in the world. Recent Disney Channel shows have not been about any of that and what worries me is that the grittier issues will be swept under a carpet and never brought up. It would be a shame because it’s what made the original show so great to watch. 

Now, “Girl Meets World” is still in development, which doesn’t necessarily mean it will even get picked up for TV, but it has a high probability of doing just that. For one, Michael Jacobs, the creator of “Boy Meets World”, is heading the new project. Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel, who play Cory and Topanga respectively, have officially signed on to reprise their roles. There is no news about the rest of the cast, but I am hopeful that we’ll see some more familiar faces signing onto the new show. After all, what’s “Girl Meets World” without Uncle Eric, Shawn, and even Feeny to drive her a little crazy?



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Credit: theubiquitousgentlemen.wordpress.com