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I write for residual income. I have a young child and feel being a stay at home mom is beneficial to her development. And so, I chose to make money writing content online. Up until today I diversified my content between Info Barrel and eHow. Why did I stop writing for eHow? Was it because of their selling out their writers for pre paid content? No. Was it because eHow took my articles and the articles of their other writers and posted them to their new UK site? All the while eHow was making money and paying the people who created the content zilch? No. Was it because my earnings have steadily been decreasing no matter how many articles I keep adding? No.

So, why have I stopped writing for eHow?

During the moments after the devastating earthquake hit near the capital of Haiti I felt he great need to do something - anything - to help. I gave what I could financially, but knew I could do more. And so, the idea to write for Haiti came to me. I decided I would write an article giving the different ways people could donate to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

eHow may not be my favorite place after the above mentioned fiascos; however, they do get a lot of traffic. Since my article was not for personal gain I set aside any opinions or feelings about eHow and submitted the article to the editorial team. I asked them to please place it as a feature so that it would get the maximum exposure possible, leading to the most donations.

The response I received from eHow was like a slap in the face. They rather flatly turned me down saying, "Unfortunately editorial decisions are made by the Editorial Team. We cannot feature an article on the homepage, unless it is apart of the Editorial Calendar." And that is a direct quote from the email that I received.

Fine, it was obvious to me that eHow, being a multi million dollar company was going to do very little to help the people of Haiti. I was; however, not deterred. I would simply delete my content from eHow and place it with someone who would agree with my idea.

Info Barrel may not have the traffic or the number of members that eHow does, but it does have people who run it that personally make sure the members of Info Barrel are heard. I knew I could email Kevin and get a response.

Info Barrel was more than willing to give the resource that they had available to help the people of Haiti. You can see the article that they placed on the front page here. Please consider donating to help these great organizations get help to those in need.

As I logged onto eHow this morning to check my earnings, what did I see? An article that looked very much like the one I submitted from a pre-paid writer. Not only did it seem my idea was "borrowed", but eHow was profiting from the misfortune of others. Ads not related to the tragedy in Haiti was all over. eHow will not comment about whether they will or will not donate the proceeds of this article. To me, that says that they will not. To add insult to injury, a fellow writer asked rather directly in the comments below the eHow article if the earnings would be donated. No answer was given and even worse, the comment was deleted. Another indication that eHow has no intention of donating the money made from this article. If my assumption is correct, eHow is profiting off the devestation, death, injuries and misfortunes of others.