Puberty is inevitable for boys and we all have to or have gone through it at one point in our life. Puberty is happening earlier and earlier in today's society and some boys are going through it as young as eight years old. As a parent, do not feel awkward when your child, especially the boys who hit puberty younger, have a lot of questions involving the changes that are affecting their body. Boys going through puberty will experience numerous sexual and physical changes in their bodies. Here are a few things that will happen and some things that happen in some boys going through puberty:

  • Hair growth is a good sign of hitting puberty. They will grow hair in your genital area, armpits, face, arms, legs. Some boys grow more hair than others.
  • Because boys are producing great amounts of testosterone during puberty, erections can happen naturally or for no reason at all, even without sexual thoughts. This is when they first start experiencing sexual arousal. This is nothing to be embarrassed about, as all boys go through this stage at one point in their life.
  • If boys think you they wetting the bed as a teenager, they are most likely wrong when going through puberty. It is more commonly referred to as a "wet dream."
  • Your body will grow in height and weight because of the increase in testosterone. Your scrotum and penis will also increase in result of puberty. Boys will still see significant growth 2 years after puberty has ended
  • Acne may start to appear because your oil glands in your skin start becoming active. Your body will begin to sweat more. It is important to have good hygiene during this time and apply deodorant to keep them fresh and clean.
  • When boys talks, their tone and pitch may change and also "crack" because their vocal cords are undergoing development and their larynx is become larger. Over time their pitch will change into their permanent adult voice.

Having someone to talk to is important when a young boy is going through puberty. Be there for your child as he might be confused as to what is happening. If you do not want to explain what is happening to him then buy him a book that he can read so he knows everything is normal and nothing is wrong with him.