Not all women like to carry purses, so where do they put their cash and cards?  In a bra pocket money pouch.

This is not the only place to hide money on your person, you can also get money belts for women that work well too.  But if you just want a little spot that is safe and secure to hold a few dollars and a credit card then consider the money pouch designed as a bra pocket.

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These are really cool, you can’t tell that you are wearing it, it fits well onto your bra against your chest, and is great for that night out dancing or clubbing when you just don’t want the bother of a purse, but need a place for some cab fare and ID.

Plus this little money pouch bra pocket is portable enough to be attached to your underwear if you would rather wear it there, or at the side of your bra (which works well if you are wearing a low cut dress).  It is secure and won’t fall off during dancing or walking.  It can be nice to have the freedom of no purse!

So, if you are about to put on that little black number for that party tonight, and don’t have a purse to match or don’t want to have the bother of a purse since you won’t be able to keep your eye on it, then consider one of these bra pockets for some cash, ID and credit and debit cards. 

Why Take Your Purse When You Can Stash It

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You can fit quite a bit in them, and they stay put. 

These also make a great gift idea for that young woman on your list.  But these are also a great way to bring extra cash while travelling.  If you carry a purse, and are also wanting to take extra cash with you on that trip, you can carry it in one of these money pouches and hide it on your person.

As you can see by the picture, they are not big, but they can carry a lot of cash, and those credit cards.  No more worries about where your purse is at that next party, or if you are worried about getting mugged for your purse while travelling.

So, rather than finding a pocket to stuff your cash in, or in your shoe as many women do, (which can get uncomfortable) consider getting yourself a small money pouch bra pocket, and keep your money and cards there for safe keeping.

If you do not wear a bra, then you can still get one of these and attach them to your panties where it will be out of view.  Just don’t forget it is there when you get undressed for the night.

These are a great little invention, as we should all carry some cash and ID with us, and what a better place to hide it than in a money pouch bra pocket.

If you would prefer more room, but still don’t want to carry a purse, then you can also get good looking and comfortable money belt for women that will hold cash, cars and passports and more against your person to be safe.  A purse is not the only option.