Brabantia touch bins have a sleek and durable trash can design that provides convenient waste disposal for your home kitchen and bathroom. Made with quality corrosion resistant materials, they come in different colors (blue, yellow, green, orange, red and purple) and capacities including 3, 25, 30, 40 and 50 litres. The classic Brabantia Touch Bin Deluxe is one of the most popular models available. Bin liners are also available for all trash cans.

The simple one touch design allows you to toss garbage into the bin with the tap of your hand. Each trash can comes with a 10 year warranty. The touch bins are also fitted with removable lids to make them easy to empty and change the bin liner. In addition to the coloured bins, other models have a stainless steel fingerprint-resistant design. The bottoms of the Brabantia touch bins are outfitted with a plastic rim to prevent floor scratches.

The Brabantia 3 L stainless steel model features an inner bucket that can be taken out for cleaning and is well suited for bathrooms. Other models such as the 5 L Slide Bin Brilliant Steel come with a mount to easily attach the unit to the wall if needed. A kitchen favourite is the 25 L Rectangular Touch Bin which offers a modern black color design and is easy to carry around with its handle. It also has a protective rim and doesn’t occupy much space. Its attractive design hides the bin liner from view.

If you have smokers in your home, the 20 L Brabantia Touch Bin Fire Resistant Brilliant Steel would be a good choice with its added safety features. It even contains a built-in flame extinguishing mechanism that cuts off the oxygen to any potential fires inside the bin.

The 30 L Matt Steel Fingerprint Proof Compression Bin offers a new innovative compression design that compresses the garbage inside the trash can, effectively increasing the carrying capacity of the bin liner which saves money in the long term. This line of Brabantia touch bin also features an odour proof design.

For the germaphobes and hygiene conscious, there’s the futuristic sensor bin that opens the lid without physical contact. Simply wave your hand on top of the sensor, deposit the rubbish and the lid will automatically close. 4 AA batteries are required for operation and are included.

Helping the environment becomes easier with the Twin Bin waste containers, which includes two internal plastic buckets – one 23 L bucket for everyday garbage and a 10 L storage container for compost. For those seeking high quality trash cans for their home, Brabantia touch bins offer some of the most innovative, robust and useful designs.