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Body art or tattooing has become a colourful trend among young boys and girls in modern time as a symbol of defining themselves in a unique style. Bracelet tattoo is one of them and is generally popular among women.Young girls and women go for designing bracelet tattoos which they consider stand for elegance, extreme femininity and beauty without vulgarity. Another reason behind designing oneself with a bracelet tattoo may be its comparatively smaller size than the other tattoos.Though it is less expensive because of its size the pain of wearing this kind of design or tattoo is much more to put up with. These kinds of tattoos are made in the areas like wrist and ankle and these parts of body are too delicate and tender being bony and sensitive at the same time. However, these things will hardly make any difference to those who are insisted on doing a tattoo or have become tattoo-addicted.

Ankle designing is the best one to choose, for women can hide it or can show it off at their wish or as the situation demands.  Apart from that one needs less protection to take care of the tattoo done on the ankle part.  It is based on a small area and that is why can be handled easily and smoothly as well. Most of the professional sectors may not approve tattooing or any type of body art and so in those cases one can nicely cover up the tattoo taking the fullest advantage of its size and  body location.  Ankle tattoos can be made from the lower calf to the extreme portion of the ankle. A woman can incorporate a meaningful touch of beauty and sense of vivacity with the help of an expert and skilled tattoo artist.

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The beautification and the charm of perfection that one wants to evoke through a tattoo depend on the significance of its design depicted by the artist. Following the same path there is a variety of figures of ankle tattoos based on the several common designs used by girls such as Celtic knot tattoos(also used by men),Heart tattoos, Ladybug tattoos, Angel tattoos, Butterfly tattoos, Zodiac tattoos, Aztec tattoos, Polynesian tattoos, Tribal line tattoos, Shooting-star tattoos, Floral vine tattoos, flower tattoos. Religion also has taken shape of tattoos in crosses, beads etc. among religious people.


Women generally want to opt for Angel tattoo because of the symbolic identity and angelic meaning it holds for.  Keeping in mind the spiritual quality and godliness one feels like tattooing angel design. Similarly by doing Zodiac tattoo girls love to engrave their zodiac signs in a trendy manner. On the one hand Ladybug tattoos are considered lucky and fortune bringing and on the other Polynesian tattoos are regarded as status-symbols. Again Aztec tattoos are well known for their geometric shape whereas Butterfly tattoos are characterized by their subtle designs.Shooting-star tattoo is again supposed to be the result of the belief of wish fulfillment.


Wrist tattoo design is another example of bracelet tattoo design. Instead of buying bracelets from shops one can make a permanent bracelet around her wrist by putting herself steady for a few hours for the sake of gaining a stunning and extraordinary stylish look forever. He/she can express his/her personal taste of gracefulness to make it more thought-provoking. This type of tattoo is made in an exposed portion of the body and should be much taken care of. The process causes tremendous pain as it is not a fleshy part and this kind of designing is an inexpensive one like the former.


Wrist tattoos are positioned in different ways like inner wrist tattoos, top of the wrist and wrist band type. Inner wrist tattoos can be hidden according to the necessity and texts,words (Latin,Sanskrit), letters,names and even stars are used to draw such tattoos. Top of  the wrist tattoos suggest the  meaning by the very name.These tattoos can be in any size and cannot be hidden. Wrist band type tattoo design refers to the design that is encircled around the wrist to be identified as bracelets or bands.


Wrist tattoos also have categories on the various themes like floral theme,tribal theme,heart theme,star theme,Celtic theme etc as they symbolize different individual patterns.Wrist tattoos are popular among both men and women and men generally do Celtic knot or Celtic heart designs for the sake of perfection.


Body art should always define one’s personality.Hence before going for tattooing one should prepare oneself completely after having a thorough knowledge of tattoo designs, their after effects and also the maintenance process.



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