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Some time ago, one of my friend's told me about a man named Braco that heals people through "gazing". I laughed the idea off because it sounded could a man heal people just by staring at them?

It was time to do some research, and the following is what I have found out about gazing.

What is Gazing?

Gazing is when someone silently looks at you for a period of time. During a gazing session with Braco, people have said that they felt a certain "tingling". Many insist that they see energy, while others say that they experience a relief from pain. Some people even suggest that you don't have to be in Braco's presence...and that just gazing at a picture or a video of him is good enough to heal oneself.

Before we get into a discussion about whether gazing really helps people or not, let's first talk about Braco himself.

Braco: The Gazer

Braco was born on November 23, 1967 in Zagreb, Croatia. His favorite endeavor from childhood to adulthood was to spend time alone in nature. Despite of this, he went on to receive a masters degree in Economics, and then launched his own company. He had a life of many luxuries and material possessions, and yet he yearned for something more meaningful.

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Braco began a new way of life after meeting a man named Ivica Prokic. Braco's mother introduced the two because Ivica helped Braco's mother recover from migraine headaches.

After their first meeting, Braco would forever be at Ivica's side, learning from him until Ivica suddenly died in 1995. This is when Braco took over the responsibility of carrying on Ivica's mission: to help suffering people without charging for his aid.

Braco's Life Mission

Braco sole mission is to share his unique gift to others. His gentle love for others inspires positive reactions and openness in people. At first, he helped others by touch. People would come to him and after being around him would feel so much better that they would tell others about their experience.

Word spread, and soon people were flocking to Braco looking to be served.

He continued sharing his gift, and over the years Braco's ability grew. There then came a time when he decided that he no longer wanted words to restrict his gift, and he no longer wanted it to be limited to one person at a time.

So, in 2004, Braco began his method of silent gazing for larger groups... up to one thousand people at a time. He also decided to stop speaking in public, and all of the results of his work are shared simply through those he benefited.

A Typical Group Gazing Session: What to Expect

Want to know what a general group gazing session with Braco is like? Well, here's how it goes:

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  • After a brief introduction about Braco, and sometimes a small video clip, he comes onto stage.
  • He proceeds to share his gaze with everyone for five to seven minutes, remaining motionless and peacefully calm.
  • There are no therapeutic actions, nor does he speak or touch any visitors.
  • Braco then leaves the stage, when time is offered for people to share their own experience. (typically lasts 30-35 minutes).

Only people 18 years of age or older may gaze with Braco. Also, women who are pregnant past their third month may not attend (sometimes people are briefly overcome and/or faint from his gaze).

Does Gazing Really Work?

Well...many have asked the same question, and coming up with a solid answer is still just as tough. Many doctors have documented people having increased health after a Braco gazing. Is it so hard to imagine that a person with a kind, warm, generous gaze can make us feel better?

It makes sense to me. I tend to feel better after looking at someone that has a warm disposition, so I can see how people feel great after gazing with Braco. Some people have claimed some amazing things such as being cured from vision problems and being healed from disease. I am not sure if this is because of the gaze of Braco, or because people fool themselves into feeling better.

If you want to learn more about Brazo and the art of gazing, there are many great books about Brazo that can be found. There are also many DVD's out there that can help increase your knowledge on the subject.

The following brief video gives a good idea of gazing, and what Brazo can do:

Either way...if it works, sign me up! I don't know about you folks, but I certainly feel better after reading this, and perhaps it is because of the pictures of Braco on this page. Maybe watching the video with testimonials and seeing Braco is enough to make us feel better. The only thing left to do is to get out there and try some gazing. You never know, it might improve your life.