Brad Rowe and his Muscles.

Bodybuilder Brad Rowe has muscle. This gorgeous athlete harkens back to such bodybuilding greats as Frank Zane. His figure is large but with a heavy focus on symmetry and proportion. This creates an aesthetically pleasing and competitive build. Brad Rowe’s staggering physique has won him regional championships as well as resulting in work as a model. His muscle heavy frame weighs in at 225 pounds of lean-weight for competition. Brad's symmetry is exceptional and his aesthetic build is one of the great standards.


Brad Rowe built his muscle beginning as an athletic youth. He played physically demanding sports such as football. He further enjoyed playing baseball and riding horses. While he did not receive the scholarship he had hoped for he did manage to go to college and complete a degree in biology. This degree maximizes his training and improve his results in all areas related to his physiology. Using his mind he has developed an incredibly well-honed physique.


Brad Rowe first competed in bodybuilding during college. He placed well in these competitions and nabbed much attention. Eventually he landed his first legitimate sponsorship. As well as competing he also works as a male model. This allows him ample time to train. To further diversify his ability he even provides personal training services. Purchasing these services over the web and he will design either a workout or nutritional program to meet your needs. This versatile character has been a leading reason why Brad Rowe’s muscle is so admired, it is his quest for perfection.


Brad Rowe plans to continue building his muscle. Expanding into the world of acting and modeling is his first priority as he has already have many successful photo shoots. He also offers personal training that is second to none and these workouts work around the client’s schedule. This is an excellent option for anyone in need of a high-end personal trainer who has a proven track record in building a beautiful body.