Braided Rugs Using Denim

If you have a country farmhouse kitchen, or you just like the rustic look of braided rag rugs, then why not try making one out of denim?

You can make these round braided rugs, pretty well out of any leftover fabrics, as many people used to do. Nothing was wasted, but creating one out of denim is a great way to use up those old jeans you have laying around, and get years of wear out of these simple yet useful rugs.

All you need to do, is have a yard stick, or long straight edge. You start by taking your old pair of jeans (the wide leg ones give you way more strips) and taking a sharp pair of scissors, open up the legs, so that you have the denim fabric laying flat open.

Now take your straight edge or yard stick, and measure off 2 inch strips with a fabric marker (they wear off after a day or so). Then taking your sharp scissors, cut out your strips.

Take your strips and sew the ends together with a simple seam. Get as many strips of denim as you can out of your old worn out jeans, and then after sewing the ends together, form a good size ball. Create at least 3 of these balls to get started.

When you are ready to start (remember you can keep adding strips to these balls of denim) simply take the ends of the strip from each ball and sew them together. Then weight it down somewhere, or tie it to something so that you can tightly braid the denim strips.

The ends will eventually fray. You can throw it in the washer if you want it to fray right away, but they are still strong. As you build your braided rag rugs, decide on the shape you want it to be. Round or oval. If you like round braided rugs, then you can start to form it. Take the started end and start to form the circle or oval, then with a strong needle and carpet thread (tougher thread) sew the braids together.

When you get it to the size you want, then you simply sew the end into the rug. You can make these as big or small as you want, depending on how much denim you can get. This could be an ongoing project. You can also ask around your friends and neighbors, if they have any old jeans they don't want anymore. The older and more worn they are the softer it will be.

You can also try this with colored denim jeans for a different effect. What really looks good, is the different hues of the blue jeans, and the nice pattern it creates in the braided rag rugs.

Some, people like a lighter weight one, and you can do the same with old shirts and tee shirts, but a denim braided rag rug, just has a real country feel to it. It would be perfect in front of the kitchen sink, and because of the thickness, it is nice padding for hardwood floors.

If you like this idea, and just can't find enough denim for your project, then consider heading to the local thrift shop, and ask them if they have any old jeans. Many times they get donations of jeans, that are not good to resell, and they simply throw them away. I was able to get a bag of these old jeans for a few dollars donation. Yes you should wash them, but this is a perfect way to get cheap denim for those braided rag rugs.


Denim Braided Rag Rugs

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