There are many different brain waves inside of your brain at any given time. Usually, we experience a dominant brain wave pattern that has a great deal of influence on our mental states and behavioral patterns. For example, if we have surges of alpha activity dominating while we are awake, we may feel creative and mentally relaxed. On the other hand, if you get very excited, tense or nervous, you may know exactly what it feels like to experience beta waves on a first hand basis. There are a lot of ways in which we can figure out our mental activity. The most obvious way for you to figure out your own brain wave pattern is by self observation. You have got to ask yourself how you feel throughout the day.

Are you constantly worrying or having very rapid thinking? Let's review the four basic brain waves that people experience most often. The first major pattern is that of beta brain waves, which are involved in making judgments and logical thinking. They cycle at a rate of 12 Hz to 40 Hz per second. This pattern of waves is very helpful if you are going to make decisions and be consciously aware of your thoughts. However, if you spend too much time with this activity, which is most often experienced while you are awake, you may stress yourself out. People that have a lot of anxiety and stress are usually found to have an over abundance of beta waves. Fortunately, there are ways to shift your brain waves to another type of activity.

The next, slower waves called alpha brain waves, which cycle from about 8 Hz to 12 Hz per second, are very healthy to have. These waves signify that you are not stressed out and have a peaceful mind. Also, there have been known to be sudden bursts of alpha in the left hemisphere of peak performing athletes. Additionally, many creative people have been said to have high amounts of alpha. If you meditate or frequently do mental visualizations, you are going to be able to access the alpha state. If you feel stressed out in any way shape or form, then you are not in this state.

Even slower than the alpha waves are the theta brain waves, which cycle from 4 Hz to 7 Hz per second. These waves are common in children and people in very spiritual states. If you are very emotional, you probably have a lot of theta activity. These waves promote non-logical thinking, but allow us to access deep memories and feel strong emotions. If you have ever had an emotion that was very powerful, it was probably due to your theta activity. This activity is also common during sleep while you are dreaming.

The slowest brain wave pattern is that of delta waves. Delta brain waves cycle from less than 1 Hz to 4 Hz per second. When your delta activity is strong, you are in your deepest sleep. This sleep is highly restorative and is not the same as theta. You cannot remember your delta experience after you wake up like you can while in theta if you practice it. Usually when your body and mind has gotten a good workout or a lot of stimulation, you will go into delta at night in order to bring restoration to your body.

The final pattern of brain waves that is less talked about is that called the gamma brain wave rhythm. Anything faster than beta at 40 Hz per second is considered to be gamma waves. These waves are involved in high cognition, peak performance, and highly focused mental states. People that have low amounts of this brain wave usually have mental deficits compared to others.