There are theories brain waves of hypnosis can help you with accessing the hypnotic state of mind. To understand this concept there is some basic understanding necessary about the brain waves in hypnosis.

Brain Waves Hypnosis

You can see your brain as a certain type of radio. You emit electrical frequencies while you are thinking. Frequencies are the intervals in which electrical activity is measured and charted.

If you have ever seen somebody hooked up to a machine, called the 'EEG' (Electroco-encephalo-graphy). This machine can measure brainwaves.

Theories now say the human brain has certain frequencies depending on what the mind is doing. EEG results show the awake brain has a frequency range around 14-30 Hz (Hertz). This frequency is called the 'beta' frequency.

Different Brain Waves States

The full list of different brain waves frequencies:

  • Beta: 14-30 Hz. This is when the mind is engaged in physical activity and is alert.
  • Alpha: 7-13 Hz. Like when you are day dreaming or in a meditative state.
  • Theta: 3.5-7 Hz. The exact moment you fall asleep.
  • Delta: 0.5-3.5 Hz. When you are in a very deep sleep.

All of these different states are accessed throughout the full 24 hour day.

Now the thing is, you are not in one state or the other. When your brainwaves are at 7 Hz, it could be considered as low alpha or very high theta!

Brain Wave Hypnosis use all these states. When you want to hypnotize somebody there are 3 main reasons why you need to alter your brain wave cycle.

  1. Your awareness and your ability to use your mind will become easier and stronger. This will affect all your mind power work.
  2. Your heart rate will slow down and your body functions will relax.
  3. You can become more focused with slower brain waves. This sounds contradictory with being in a slower state means sleep as well, but it isn't. If your brain isn't busy anymore you can concentrate better as your brain doesn't have to think about anything else!

Ways to Access Brain Waves Hypnosis

With meditation you should be able to get in the necessary brain waves for hypnosis. But if you want to access the brain waves faster you might try music.

There are special brain wave tapes which should get you in a certain brain wave state. For instance 'Wave Form' is a powerful tape. The music consists of tones and vibrations of the Theta frequency range. It is created through the use of a special 'tonal matrix' in which a Perfect Harmonic Fifth is the focal point for various musical and tonal patterns. There is a lot written about the geometry of the harmonic fifth in the book 'GeoMusic' by James Furia.

The Wave Form Brainwaves Hypnosis tape uses the Perfect Harmonic Fifth with a stereo panning technique in which portions of the music and sound patterning are sent to the left ear while the rest of it is sent to the right ear. The effect is a deeply relaxing and pleasant massage-like feeling in the center of the brain.


If you are more interested in the practical side of hypnosis check out the free scripts of conversational hypnosis! Hopefully you got some insights on how you can access hypnosis with brain waves hypnosis.