A blog niche is essential if you want to make money blogging. A niche is basically the topic of your blog. It's important to do this so you'll be able to build up a readership & rank well in the search engines. You may be interested in ice cream & dogs, but it's unlikely that the people who want to read about ice cream also want to read about dogs. If you have a lot of varied interests, here is how to choose a blog niche that you can stick with. The same blogging ideas can be applied to niche websites.

Make a list of all of your interests. Try to only write things down that you could write about everyday. Then head over to a keyword tool and plug in your area of expertise. You'll want to review the results and pick out several options. The longer the phrase is the less competition you'll probably have.

Check out the competition. Do google searches for blogs based on your topics. If there are several thousand blogs then it will be difficult to create unique content. You need to consider both the users and the search engines. You'll need enough space for SEO keywords that you can easily rank for. However, you'll also need to take into consideration that people will actually be visiting this niche website. Do you really have anything new to add that isn't already on the net? Be honest with yourself about what value and expertise you are bringing to the topic.

Let the idea simmer. By the time you've done all this research, it may seem hopeless to find blogging ideas that people will want to read that haven't already been over saturated. Take some time away from the computer. Ask yourself what you would want to read if you were searching for a specific topic. Sometimes the perfect idea will come into your head as you are thinking about something else.

Test it out. Try writing for a few weeks. You can just use a simple notepad document to outline a few weeks worth of posts before you purchase a domain name and hosting. This gives you the opportunity to evaluate how much there is to write about your topic. You'll need to blog about once a day to really build authority with readers and search engines so make sure that your blogging ideas aren't too narrow.

Think about how you'll monetize your blog. It's not enough to just have a blog in order to make money blogging. You'll need a plan on how you are going to target your readers whether it's with ads or affiliate programs. Developing a plan and doing research before you start a blog can save you months of wasted time.

You can turn your blogging ideas into cold hard cash if you do your research beforehand. You can build niche websites as a hobby or as a side income that allows you toshare yoru thought on a certain topic with the world. Which niche you choose will largely determine your success so give it careful consideration.