Long Tail Keywords

They are probably the least competitive words to work with. You will get a better chance to get to the first page with them.

What are Long Tail Keywords?

They are phrases that contain 4 or more words that people search in Google, Yahoo or Bing. Depending on what you are aiming for, you can go with the searches with 3,000 to 10,000 global searches, or you can go with the smaller group that has less than 3,000 global searches.

Which one is better?

It really depends. Many people have different results. The best thing to do is to actually take action and write a topic. I will be brainstorming ideas for every category here on InfoBarrel. But I will be going through Business & Money, Entertainment, Environment and Health in part 1 of the article.

Business and Money
Credit: http://smallbusinessexpert.com.au/category/features/processes

Business and Money

Business and Money are popular topics that people love to write about. It is also a very competitive niche to write. Since most would like to make more money in their lives, including me! 

Finance Topics

  • How to save money fast 5400
  • Best way to save money 2900
  • Tips on saving money 2400
  • How to earn more money 1300
  • How to make millions 2400
  • How to save more money 590
  • Easy ways to save money 1300
  • How to pay off debt 2900
  • How to check your credit score 2400
  • Easiest credit card to get 1900
  • How to calculate compound interest 3600

Business Topics

  • Home based business ideas 9900
  • List of business ideas 1900
  • Low cost business ideas 1600
  • Small business ideas for women 1300
  • How to advertise your business 1900
  • Multi-level marketing companies 2400
  • What is network marketing 1900
  • How to sell a product 1900
  • Top selling items on ebay 1600


  • How to invest your money 1600
  • Best stocks to invest in 5400


Entertainment is a broad field. I will be breaking them down into a few categories. They are going to be art and design, books, games, hobbies, music, people and toys.

Art and Design

Some ideas for art and design would be a variety of items. Paintings, coloring, designing and calligraphy are some that comes into mind for me.

  • Painting games for girls 5400
  • How to write calligraphy 1600
  • Black and white photography 40500
  • How to use Photoshop 18100
  • Photoshop tutorials for beginners 12100
  • Step by step drawing 9900


You could also write about book reviews, thoughts and ideas. Think about all the different books you have read or heard. Here are some words you could work with:

  • Read books online for free 8100
  • Best seller book list 5400
  • Good books to read 18100
  • Short story for kids 33100
  • Bedtime stories for kids 5400
  • Scary stories for kids 5400
  • Best books to read 8100
  • Best free kindle books 3600


Similar to books, you could do game reviews. Some ideas that come to mind are "Top 10 Games I Ever Played". You could write about video games, board games and puzzle games.

  • Puzzle games for kids 8100
  • Free online adventure games 6600
  • Top 10 video games 1900


Everyone have their favorite hobbies and interests. Think about the hobbies you enjoy doing. Snowboarding, soccer, painting, running, skydiving and reading are some that come to my mind.

  • Things to do when bored 12100
  • Indoor activites for kids 6600
  • I need a hobby 2900


Topics on music are endless. You can write about your favorite musicians and artists. Justin Bieber and Beethoven come to mind. You can also go by music genre. Techno, classic rock, pop, trance, dub step, classical, instrumental and rap are some you can brainstorm and research on. You can start with phrases like "Best ever" or "Top 10" and start putting the keywords together.


You can blog or write about famous people in the planet. Martin Luther King, the new pope, Kate Middleton, Emma Watson and Steve Jobs are some famous people you could base your topic on. 

  • Famous people in history 4400
  • Inspirational quotes about life 33100
  • How to become popular 2900


Think about all the toys you played as a kid and you will get some ideas.

  • Outdoor toys for kids 1600
  • Mickey mouse clubhouse toys 5400

This category alone has quite some diverse topics you could talk about. We have yet to get into others. 

Basic Ideas for Keywords


Environmental topics are not the most popular, but they can still get you a loyal readership when done right.

  • How to prevent global warming 2400
  • How to go green 1300
  • How to recycle plastic 1000
  • Why is recycling important 2900
Health and Fitness
Credit: http://www.findleychiropractic.com/health-and-medical-insurance-comparing-managed-care-health-plans.php

Health and Fitness

Health is another popular topic just like business.

  • List of genetic disorders 2900
  • Different types of cancer 2900
  • Health and fitness articles 2400
  • How to be healthy 5400
  • How to eat healthy 9900
  • Quick and easy recipes 9900
  • Easy healthy dinner recipes 6600
  • Health benefits of green tea 6600


Fitness and weight loss are very popular topics to write about, especially in America. This country has a high obesity rate. It is also a very competitive field to write because of over-saturated information.

  • Best exercise for weight loss 4400
  • Tips to lose weight 8100
  • How can I gain weight 1300
  • How to beat depression 3600
  • Plastic surgery gone wrong 14800
  • Gym workout routines for women 1300

Stay tuned for part 2!