In order to more properly understand what branding is it's important to understand where it comes from. In the olden days and still today cattle ranchers needed a way to keep track of who owned which cow. This was done by heating up a very hot piece of metal, and searing the cows hide. This served a very valuable purpose. It was a permanent and specific mark. It let people be able to look at that cow, and without a moments hesitation, know several things about that cow.  Because simply looking at that cow they could infer all the knowledge they knew about the man that owned it. If the rancher was good, and fed his animals well that the cow would be healthy and should fetch a fair price. Conversely, if the animal was malnourished and not looked after the cow would be sickly, and not worth buying.  Establishing a high level of quality early on with a brand is very important, because some of the best advertising is word of mouth.

There is a similar approach we take when setting up a business, or a website. While you wouldn't want to take a hot brand to any of those things you would still want to make a lasting specific mark.  This will let everyone know anytime they see your face next to a blog post they will get a quality article. Be consistent in what you do, and always strive to put forth the best product forth.  You want to think long and hard about the website or business name. This should be something permanent that doesn't change often. It would be difficult to build loyalty if no one can remember you name.  Also, choose keywords that describe you endeavor and be sure that when you promote yourself you use those words. This will get people to associate those qualities with your business or website. Rebranding is possible, but it is a much more slow and painful process. It is better to get it right the first time, so be sure to take the proper amount of time before jumping in there.