Branding your site is very important because it will eventually generate traffic to your site over time.

It sounds simple, but with a catchy name for your site, which describes in some way that your site is about, is of great value to you. You want people to remember you and your website, to be brief and to the point you want to convey an image that it will be easier for them to remember. But first you have to decide what is your website going to be? Now you need to know who your audience are and make a decision concerning your niche. If you do not, then hold off buying a domain name and designing your site until you know the answers to these important questions.

Make sure you have done extensive keyword research. This is something that should be done as part of your research and identification of your niche. Find at least 6 keywords that apply to you. Once you find the best keywords, begin playing with combinations to find possible domain names. A visitor to your site should have a pretty clear idea of what your site is about simply by the name. In addition, from an SEO point of view, good keywords in your domain name will certainly help the search engines. Do not get caught up in trying to be like the next guy. Be yourself and unique. Do not copy the other domain names by changing them slightly, hoping to get some of their traffic. This is not attractive, and the opposite may be true in that you risk losing traffic to competition. There is a common belief that a .com domain is always the best option. For most people a .com domain seems to command more credibility than others. This is not necessarily the case, but if you do not believe that perception, again, you may lose traffic.

OK, now you know your target audience and niche. You have chosen to at least six top keywords or phrases in your niche and you're ready to start looking for a domain name. Keep it simple and memorable. Long domain names can be just as good as long as it sticks to the mind so that visitors remember it and come back again and again. The mood is good even if it is tasteful, because it affects the perception of the brand with consumers. If the domain is available in .net and .com forms, you should buy both. This prevents someone else piggy backing off your image and competing with your online business. You must use a domain name and make a simple presentation URL sent to the site. You can capture traffic that would come instead the .net of .com. Now you have found a niche and domain name, it's time to design your website or blog and start thinking about your brand.

There is much to be considered as part of its strategy for long-term brand. Take your time and your message to your market through careful planning.