Brandon the Feline Detective: The Case of the Missing Cat Carrier

Brandon loved his home and also his home within a home, his cat carrier. His big human left it open for him, for he knew that Brandon liked to go into his carrier when he wanted privacy and to get away for a retreat. It was Brandon's home within a home. When Brandon had to go to the Vet, the big human would take him in the cat carrier. But when the cat carrier was not used for this purpose, it sat in the den and Brandon could hop into it at will. Brandon was so happy that his human had not stored it away between vet visits as he had heard other humans do with their pet crates.

Brandon knew that his human would sometimes move the cat carrier from one side of the den to another location within the room, but the carrier never left the room. But one day, his human left the room and Brandon followed him into the attic, but Brandon got bored and returned to the den and when he came back to the den he noticed that his pet crate was missing. It could not have been his human that moved the cat carrier; some intruder must be in the house. The hair on Brandon's back stood up..He sniffed and pawed the carpet where the cat carrier had been resting.

Brandon Reviews the Evidence: The Cat Carrier leaves a trail.

Like the bread crumbs in Hansel and Gretel, the pet crate leaked a thin line of catnip. Whoever moved the carrier may now be carrying the catnip. Even a sprinkle of catnip that is not visible to the eye, Brandon would have no difficulty tracing. So, he set out to see where the line of catnip would lead. It led through the den and into an adjoining living room. Then, to his amazement, the trail took him outside the house into the garage. There were no human footprints, only cat prints. The trail stopped there. But he noticed tire tracks and surmised that someone had stolen the cat carrier. But why? He backtracked and went immediately up the stairs to the attic. He pawed on the big human and meowed ferociously. Finally, he got the big human's attention. His human followed him downstairs and into the den. The human was just as astonished as Brandon, so he called the police and reported a break in. When the police came, they followed Brandon around the room. Brandon was sniffing and clawing at the sofa. The fur on his back stood up. This is the way he reacts when there is another cat present, said the human. It looks like we are up against a cat carrier burglar who is a cat, said the police. Yes, thought Brandon, but that does not explain the tire tracks in the garage.

The police departed and Brandon kept watch that night. During the wee hours of the morning, Brandon was hiding and watching the den and then he heard a low guttural sound and a striped cat entered from the garage. The cat climbed into the room through the transom, skittered down the inside curtain and crossed the den until he was near the sofa. The striped cat pulled back the sofa pillow and exposed a diamond ring and a gold bracelet.The cat burglar then took the bag that was hanging around her neck and picked up the ring and bracelet with her teeth and dropped them into a black bag.

Brandon Attacks the Cat Carrier Burglar

So this is what was going on. The tire tracks pointed to human perpetrator and the striped cat was probably trained as a jewel thief who was stashing loot under the sofa and retrieving it later when everyone was asleep. But Brandon would not tolerate this invasion. They not only had broken the law by breaking and entering, they had disturbed Brandon's retreat; his quiet place. They would not get away with this.

Brandon slipped behind the couch and went into a flying leap kick against the head of the intruder cat. As the cat was reeling, Brandon slashed him across the face with a hooking claw strike. The offending cat dropped the black bag and Brandon retrieved it. Brandon could see behind the curtain and confirm that a human being was parked in the drive in the garage. Brandon gave a bone crushing focused side kick to the striped cat and the intruder cat went unconscious. Brandon then re-hid the jewels and proceeded to slip out the transom. He leapt on the man's face, clawing him incessantly. The man was surprised, confused and finally rendered disabled. He could not back out the car.

Brandon gave out a scream that meant extreme emergency. The big human showed up in the doorway. What is going on, he asked. Brandon presented him with the black bag with the jewels inside. The human shouted with joy. He had missed the jewels a year ago and now they were recovered. How did this happen?

Brandon tried to tell his human that they were victims not only of a break in but of burgularization. There had been a man hired to paint the den and things had been moved about. Apparently what happened is that the burglar turned out to

be the painter the human had hired. He was about to filch the diamonds when the human walked into the room. So the burglar stuffed them in the sofa. The human did not learn the diamonds were missing until a week later. Meantime the burglar had trained his cat to enter homes and steal valuables. The clues of the catnip trail. And the cat carrier was there too, covered up to prevent paint from getting on it. The human understood Brandon and they both let out a squeal. The police were called again and this time they had to admit that they had done a lousy job investigating the crime. All the credit was due to Brandon!