Brasher Boots Review


  • Foot formed fit is designed for optimal comfort and fit
  • Numerous styles offered by Brasher boots to choose from: trekking, hiking, active, travel, mountain, tall, short and so on.
  • Brasher boot care products offered right on the site
  • Available for purchase in most parts of the world through
  • Great designs for men, women and children.


  • Limited availability outside of the U.K.

Full Review

Brasher boots do not appear to merely be walking boots. They are so much more. Finally a company that keeps in mind the "big" picture.

We as consumers want our hiking, trekking, and everything boots to not only look good but feel good to and all at the right price. Many brands of walking boots offer that comfort for a little while but tend to fall short after an 8 to 12 hour work day or an extended bout of hiking or travel. When you combine that with the average cost of a good pair of walking (or anything) boots it just doesn't add up. Brasher boots appear to average a 4.5 out of 5 score on nearly every level.

Unfortunately, had I not had an acquaintance from the U.K. my chances of ever having the opportunity to try these would have been slim. If they last the test of time perhaps we will see some US retailers stocking this brand. For now, they are available to most locations through online stores such as

In Closing

All in all Brasher boots appear to be the way to go if you live or play actively and happen to reside in the UK. The design, fit, feel, cost and style rate above average for me as well as for numerous other customers and repeat customers. Their main Brasher Boots webpage, where you can learn more about the styles, brand and technology as well as locate retailers can be found at

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