Brass wall sconces are a brilliant way for property owners to incorporate a little shimmer throughout their homes and can also match any sort of style whether traditional or modern.  Brass wall sconces are generally favored, though,  for homes and spaces having a traditional Old World look; however, there are also a lot of contemporary ones if you are wanting that style.  Like the majority of sconces, brass wall sconces can be either electrical or meant for candles.  Brass wall sconces meant for candles can be set up nearly any place because they do not need to be near any sort of electrical outlets. They also are typically less expensive than electrical brass sconces.  Brass wall sconces continue to be very popular, but other surface finishes have likewise gained in popularity, including pewter, steel and nickel.

Brass Wall SconceWhere To Use Brass Wall Sconces

There are many different types of brass wall sconces, and selecting  the right type for you is really important in making the most of the room. Brass sconces are extremely versatile; they can be mounted nearly anyplace, whether it is your patio, entry hall, or living room. A set can really change the feel of a room, adding a degree of elegance to wherever they are placed. For instance, brass wall sconces with mirrored backings really accent a room's lighting since they reflect light in unique and interesting patterns.   You could heighten the impact of a favorite painting by putting a brass sconce on both sides. Brass wall sconces can also give your den or bathroom an Old World look or a more vintage appeal.

Some brass wall sconces are made to resemble candles or antique oil lamps; with these you can really add an Old World charm to any room.  There are other brass sconces that are sleeker looking which can really play up a modern vibe in your home.  Choosing the right style is extremely important, as your brass wall sconces should complement your overall style.

Before purchasing, you also need to decide how many light fixtures your brass sconces need to have. You want to base this decision on the quantity of light that you want in your chosen location. If you need your brass wall sconces to provide reading light, then more light fixtures on a sconce may be necessary. If it is meant to simply add a level of charm to a room, one light fixture on a sconce could be just enough. For most people, one light fixture (one lamp, one candle) is the preferred amount as it gives the right amount of personality to the space without taking focus.

The Metal Brass

Brass is one of the oldest metal alloys; there are brass artifacts that have been found that Brass Wall Sconce_3date back to prehistoric times.   Brass is an alloy of copper, specifically a mixture of copper and zinc. Additional minerals and metals may be put into the mix to modify the color. Because of this, you will find brass in many different hues, from a light silver to a dark red copper tone. This is why brass is so beloved for wall sconces; it's very versatile and can be developed for almost any home need.  Brass is closely related to (and sometimes confused with) bronze. Not surprising since bronze is an alloy of copper and tin.

Brass is a popular metal for musical instruments, jewelry, and of course home furnishings like bed frames, picture frames, wall sconces, door knobs and other fixtures, which could be either cast from brass or finished with brass plating.  It's a metal of high quality and often compared to gold in terms of its overall look and feel. There is, though, a big price tag difference. Brass is very cost friendly compared to gold, making it again a favorite for home furnishings.  

Brass is resistant to tarnishing and corrosion, adding to its home furnishing popularity. Brass is also an effective heat conductor. It easily traps the heat from any lighting source near it, so only touch a brass wall sconce (whether electrical or candle-lit) after time has passed. It needs time to cool.

How To Clean Brass Wall Sconces

Cleaning brass is not hard, but it, of course, is easier to clean if it is done often. Step one in cleaning brass is washing it with water and a light detergent.  This works well to remove surface dirt and oil. Brass can then be cleaned through a light polishing with many natural products found around any home like lemon, milk, baking soda, salt, vinegar, and even onions. This polishing helps remove caked in oil and dirt.  Be careful not to scrub the brass too aggressively, especially around stamped or engraved areas. Hard scrubbing can destroyBrass Wall Sconce_2 the finish and the engraving.  During the entire cleaning process, use gloves. Fingerprints on brass can be as annoying to get rid of as the dirt you are working to clean.

Where To Buy Brass Wall Sconces

There are many options on the Internet for purchasing brass wall sconces. carries a large selection. As well, many brick and mortar stores carry brass wall sconces like Pottery Barn, Lowes, Home Depot and Bed Bath & Beyond.