The Braun series 7 is the best Braun's cordless shavers made by Braun. The Braun 790cc series 7 men's cordless shaver is the most expensive Braun electric shaver out on the market. When shaving you want the best electric razors for a smooth and irresistible shave. Braun electric razors are known for their foil blades. The Braun cordless shaver is loaded with features and a full pivoting shaving head that allows for you to get a closer shave on the most difficult parts of your face. I think that if you want to spend money on a quality electric shaver, then you want an electric razor blade that has a pivoting head and a up and lift feature for the best shave when using electric razors. The Braun 790cc series 7 shaver is the best of the Braun series 7.

The features of the Braun 790cc Series 7 men's cordless shaver

The Braun series 7 shaving products basically have all the same features. They all feature the new Innovative Sonic Technology of 10,000 micro-virbrations for every shaving stroke. No other men's electric shaver has that. The Braun electric razors for the series 7 feature three razor blades for short and long hair follicles. The active lift is featured on the Braun series 7 shaver. The active lift is really a great feature for any men's electric shaver. The active life feature helps raise up flat hair follicles on the face. It provides a more comforting and closer shave.

Another feature that is great about the Braun series 7 models is that their men's cordless shavers have the full flexible pivoting head. Meaning if you want to change directions of your electric razor for your face, the pivoting head helps get to those difficult spots on your chin and neck area. You never have to life the electric shaver off your face, the pivoting head moves accordingly to your face. It makes it much easier to get a closer shave at the most difficult spots on your face.

Other features included on the Braun series 7 men's cordless shaver is the optifoil which provide bigger foil holes for a much deeper shave. The Braun 790cc series 7 men's cordless shaver features the Clean & Renew system. Only the 760cc and 750cc has those features. The Braun series 7 has better cleaning features than any other Braun series 7 men's cordless shaver. The Braun 790cc men's cordless shaver is the only one with the fast cleaning feature on the Clean & Renew system. All you do is press a button and it automatically cleans, dries, and lubricates the electric shaver. So you don't have to mess with cleaning it yourself. Cleaning an electric shaver can sometimes be a hassle.

Braun electric shavers charge for a full hour and can be used as a men's cordless shaver up to 50 minutes. Braun electric shavers also feature a 5 minute quick charge. So if you're in a hurry you can get a quick shave.The Li-lon batteries are rechargeable.

Other Braun Series 7 men's cordless shavers

If you're looking for cheaper Braun electric shavers in the 7 series, then the 760cc is available online for a cheaper price. The other Braun series 7 cordless shavers, the 750cc-4 and 730s are no longer in stock. The Braun 760cc electric shavers are basically the same as the Braun 790cc, expect the fast cleans feature on the Clean & Renew system isn't available. However, all the features like the triple action cutting system, full flexible pivoting head, personalization modes for different facial zones, and of course the 10,000 micro-vibrations are all featured on the Braun 760cc electric shaver. It's just as good as the 790cc electric shaver and a bit cheaper. You can buy online for as low as just $200 dollars.

Where to buy Braun 790cc Series 7 men's cordless shaver online

Prices for the Braun 790cc series 7 men's cordless shaver can go as high as $300 dollars. However, the best places to buy the Braun 790cc series 7 electric shaver online for a cheap prices is at, macmall, electric shaver service, godzillas gears, and Prices can keep you under $250 shopping online at these stores. Braun electric shavers come with a 60 day money guaranteed back receipt with purchase. There is a two year warranty on the Braun 790cc electric shaver.