Braun 790cc and 799cc Comparison

The following is a brief comparison of the two premium Braun series 7 shavers -- 790cc Vs 799cc -- where we will highlight their differences and similarities amongst specifications and features. Ultimately, this will give you a clear overview as to exactly what the 790cc & 799cc can offer you and how they differ, so you will be able to clearly figure out which model offers the best value with respect to their price tags (specifically for you). Note: to get a quick overview of the major variations between the two and which one I'd recommend to buy, skip to the conclusion (at the bottom).

Shaving Technology & Features

790cc: Sonic Technology | 'Personalization' | 3x Optimized Cut Action | Trimmer |

799cc: Sonic Technology | 'Personalization' | 3x Optimized Cut Action | Trimmer |

They are both installed with intelligent sonic technology which basically describes how they can perform a huge 10,000 mini vibrations with each stroke to capture and remove hair efficiently -- allowing the Braun shavers to be extremely comfortable (keeping irritation to a complete minimum). You also have a personalization aspect where you can choose from a range of modes (extra sensitive, sensitive, normal & intensive) to gain a more 'suited' shave for different areas of your face.

When it comes to the actual 'cut' they have a triple action cutting system whereby the dual foils which accompany either side of the middle trimmer (raising flat-lying hair to be cut) allow a shave to get at skin level whilst the optimized cutting elements ensure you are not suffering with any discomfort. So in this particular aspect there is no difference between the 790cc and 799cc.


790cc: Pivot Shaver Head | Flexi Cutting Elements |

799cc: Pivot Shaver Head | Flexi Cutting Elements |

The two shavers are fitted with a pivoting shaving head that automatically adjusts & adapts to your unique facial contours to gain a smoother shaver as well as the cutting elements being able to adjust to the length of hair it is cutting from long to even the shortest stubble -- varying with every stroke committed.

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Cleaning & Practical Features

790cc: Washable | Cleaning & Docking Station | Fast Clean | Automatic Program Selection|Active Dry 

799cc: Washable | Cleaning & Docking Station | Fast Clean | Automatic Program Selection | Active Dry

As they are 100% waterproof they are easy to wash, by simply sticking it under a running tap. They are then further cleaned & lubricated (and charged) with the docking station that comes with them to ensure they operate "like new every day". They also share an active dry element that is a feature which occurs after the cleaning cycle with a heat inductive system to improve the shaving performance/experience.

The 790cc & 799cc also come with a fast clean button, which automatically cleans the shaver in just 25 seconds. Along with an automatic program selection that analyses when the shaver was last cleaned -- and then from that information determines which of the 3 modes is best to conduct the 'optimal cleaning intensity'. With the 799cc you can also use it in the shower and with shaving gel/foam (which you can't do with the 790cc).


790cc: LCD & Foil Indicator (5 lvls) | 50 Min Run Time | Charge: 1 hr | Quick Shave

799cc: LCD & Foil Indicator (6 lvls), Hygiene Status | 50 Min Run Time | Charge: 1 hr | Quick Shave

Both run for 50 minutes from a 1 charge (from the docking station) and have an LED indicator gauging the batter condition (as well as the foil shaver head for when it needs replacing) -- the 799cc also has an indicator to demonstrate how clean the shaver is. A particular feature I like that comes with both models is the quick shave where you can quickly charge it for 5 minutes in return for one shave.

Further Information

Warranty: both Braun electric razors are backed with a two year manufacturer warranty that initiates from the day of purchase.

Dimensions, Weight, Ergonomic Design & Finish

790cc: 11 x 6.3 x 4.6 inches ; 2.4 pounds | Easy to handle | Color: Silver/Grey

799cc: 11 x 6.3 x 4.6 inches ; 2.2 pounds | Very Easy to handle | Color: Silver/Grey

Accessories/Attachments - What's in the Box?

  • The Braun Shaver (790cc or 799cc), a cleaning unit along with a cleaning cartridge , an electric charging cord -- which can all be fitted in a travel case (the 799c comes with a premium pouch however).

Average Review Rating (sourced

790cc: 4.4 out of 5 stars (88%) from 1,400 + reviews.

799cc: 4.5 out of 5 stars (90%) from 5 + reviews.

Conclusion: Should You Buy the Braun 790cc or 799cc?

So the only real difference between the two (with the 799cc being essentially the superior model the 790cc) is the following: i) the luxury travel bag as opposed the 790cc's standard one, ii) the fast clean mode, iii) the automatic program selection system and iv) being able to shave in the shower and/or with shaving foam and the v) hygiene indicator.

Is this all worth an extra $60 - $70? Yes and no, it depends who you are -- if you aren't bothered by shaving dry or wet then I would advise you to get the 790cc and you would be getting a truly fantastic electric shaver. If you prefer a wet shave (w/ foam etc., like I do) then get the 799cc and is in the long run it will prove a more comfortable shaving experience for you -- and again you will  also be getting a very, very (probably the best) electric shaver. Moreover, you might an individual who likes things clean -- the 799cc is obviously much more concerned with that aspect than the 790cc, so this is also another factor to consider.

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But which will you buy the Braun 790cc or 799cc? 

Also, if you have any concerns, comments or queries regarding either the comparison account of the Braun 790cc Vs 799cc or about either electric shaver specifically then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section (you will find just below the fold) and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.