Braun Hand Mixer

Chops - Dices - Purees - Smoothies

The Braun Hand Mixer kitchen appliance holds its weight when it comes to chopping, dices, purees and creating the best smoothies.  Has five speed settings, press a button to detach/attach whisk or mixer and with a press of the button this small powerful appliance gets the job done within a seconds.

The mixer is great for chopping vegetables, nuts, making quick chicken and tuna salad and scrambles eggs to perfection.

The huge plastic cup is perfect when mixing ice-cream smoothies or when creating frozen fruit cocktails.  You can drink your smoothie or fruit cocktail straight from the plastic cup too.

The single whisk mixes brownie and cake mix within a minutes time.  Rinse whisk, let dry and put it away.

Braun Hand Mixer


I don't have any negative opinion of this wonderful product.

Full Review

Braun Hand Mixers are powerful, easy to use, easy to clean and shaped small. The Braun kitchen appliance chops, purees, mixes and whips. The handy small kitchen appliance makes preparing food so much more simpler and clean up is a breeze. Within a minute you can easily chop vegetables, fruits and nuts by choosing a setting and pressing a button for thirty to sixty seconds depending if you prefer larger pieces or finely diced pieces. Then you simply scoop out the vegetables, fruits and nuts with a spoon directly into a cooking pan, pot or bowl.

The Braun kitchen appliance makes great ice cream shakes and homemade whip cream with very little clean up. When baking a cake or brownies you simply snap the whisk on to mix the ingredients together and when finished just rinse and let dry. There is no need to buy huge kitchen appliances that need a lot of counter or storage space.

The Braun Hand Mixer is small, convenient and can replace many huge appliances that take up a lot of counter and cabinet space.

Save Time & Space

In Closing

The Braun kitchen appliance is affordable and is a huge time saver when preparing food, clean up is fast small enough not to take up a lot of space within your kitchen cabinets or countertops.