The Braun M4880 Multimix 4-In-1 Hand Mixer has been serving us for close to seven years ands I must say that this is the most used little gadget in my small kitchen that has never failed to take the orders. Even today it is kicking and I am sure that its performance is on par with any other hand mixer that is bought brand new from the market. As the name suggests this is a 4 In 1 Hand Mixer and that obviously means that this comes with four key functions and they are mixing, kneading, blending and chopping.

What I really liked about this cool little devil is its powerful motor that can take almost anything that comes in its way and do not underestimate it by its relatively small size. Despite its sleek and compact structure, this does require some storage space and I hear that some of them get a hook along with this and I wonder whether that is the same model or is it that the Braun missed to include it in my box. This sits upright on a non skid surface and that it self is good news. Coming back to the motor, the Braun M4880 4-In -1 Hand Mixer is quipped with a 280 watt motor and this makes it so powerful that it puts some of the cheap food processors to shame. It does not make any screeching noise and serves the purpose without any fuss and mess.

There are two shrewdly designed mixers provided in the kit that beat and whip the ingredients with all the vigor and aerate it to make a fluffy egg for omelet. I cannot say that it is spill proof, but yes to a large extent this does not splash batter outside the bowl preventing wastage and saves time otherwise lost in clearing the mess. I spread a newspaper below the Braun M4880 and it makes it perfectly ok. This, not just mix the stuff to form a uniform output but also increase the volume. Similarly, the kneader attachment comes with a hook and I don't have to dirty my hand by rolling and sticking the dough. It makes amazing cake, cookie and pizza dough with perfection and there absolutely no lumps in it.

Stick Blender is a marvel that coupled with the mighty motor creates a little vortex sort of suction action and pulls everything towards the center and blends them to smooth even consistency. Unlike a stand alone blender this is not bulky and does not throw things out or towards the wall escaping the blender. I am thoroughly enjoying making tomato puree and baby food in this and my husband depends on this for making soups, smoothies and protein shakes. Chopper as such is fine and minces ginger, almonds, nuts, spices and veggies but is not meant for a large family. Three speeds and a power plus button make the Braun M4880 4-In-1 Hand Mixer truly great and reliable.

It seems that the mixers that are made by the Braun now are not of the same quality and my daughter broke the plastic parts of the same mixer that I have been using for this long in just two months and that worries me. I would have to say next time I will opt for a more reliable unit.