If you are looking for a good quality and compact hand blender, then you will need to take a closer look at the fantastic Braun Multiquick Professional hand blender. This highly versatile blender is fantastic for people who are creative with their cooking. It is also extremely easy to clean, store and use. Its runs off 600 watts of power, has a turbo function and 15 different speed settings. Plus all the different hand blender attachments are dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning even more of a breeze.

What does the Braun Multiquick Professional Hand Blender offer you

Braun Multiquick Professional Hand BlenderIt has a stainless steel blender shaft, that will create tasty frothy dishes and soups within seconds. The specially shaped knife will give you professional results almost instantly. Making it ideal for blending baby food and milk shakes. It also has a unique anti splash shaft guard that helps to ensure that none of the food that you are blending splashes out of the containers that you are mixing in.

Whipping, stirring and beating is also quick and easy using the stainless steel whisk attachment. Creating delicious dishes such as sponge cakes, egg dishes and fluffy deserts is easy. With the best cooking results being obtained by whisking on the ultra low speed setting on the hand blender.

Depending on which model of Braun multiquick professional hand blender you choose to buy, you will also get different choppers which all deliver fantastic and speedy food chopping results. Choppers available are the Small HC chopper which is perfect for smaller amounts of food such as onions and herbs up to 350 ml. The convenient mid size CA chopper which is good for cheeses, meats and nuts up to 500ml and the large BC chopper which is perfect for chopping large quantities of food and drink up to 1000 ml. The large chopper also comes with a stainless steel insert which is excellent for quickly and effectively chopping and crushing ice.

Another fantastic feature of the Braun multiquick professional hand blender is the multifunctional attachment. Which is excellent for shredding, slicing and chopping working just like a food processor. Another bonus to it as well, is the increased food size capacity that you can grind using the multifunction attachment.

This blender is powerful, but when you operate it. You will quickly notice that it is extremely quiet, due to its wonderful silent motor. All attachments are easy to assemble and disassemble and like I mentioned earlier are all dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Because the Braun multiquick hand blender is so small and compact, another good selling point of it is, is that it takes up so little space in your kitchen shelves. You will also receive beakers, which you can use for mixing and food preparation. So if you are still using those bulky old fashioned looking appliances in the kitchen to blend your food, do yourself a huge favor and make the job hundred times easier by trading them in for the braun multiquick professional hand blender. It is one purchase that you will not regret making.