The Braun Series 3 electric shaver is one of the most well-known powered razors on the market. The shaver is available in more than 5 different models (e.g., the 330, the 350cc, the 370cc) and it is the entry point into the Braun shavers that also includes the Series 5 and Series 7.

The Series 3 has a large feature set and an even bigger benefits list, but reviewers seem to consistently bring up the same set of likes and dislikes with regards to the shavers. Why don't we have a look:

Clear Positives:

1) Quick Rinse Cleaning - Many reviewers mention that it's extremely quick and simple to clean a Braun Series 3 using running tap water. The models that end in a "cc" all come with a sBraun Series 3 370eparate cleaning base (to be discussed later), but most purchasers of the normal (non "cc") models (e.g., the 370) seem quite happy with their purchasing decision - saying specifically that their shaver is "easy to clean."

2) Quite Close For An Electric Razor - Most folks say that the Braun Series 3 gives them a very close shave given that it's an electric shaver. The feeling seems to be that you should not expect a shave as close as a wet blade, but that the Series 3 gets you as smooth as possible for a powered shaver... without irritating your skin.

Mixed Feelings:

1) The Cleaning Station - Reviews seem to be mixed for the base cleaning & lubricating station that is included with any "cc" suffixed Braun Series shaver. Some folks appreciate the ease of cleaning that is enabled by the unit, the lubrication, and the "lemony" smell that it leaves on the shaver. Other people complain that the base station is not necessary - stating that it occupies too much space on the bathroom countertop and that the cleaning solution is too expensive.


1) Shaver Head Pops Off - A handful of folks note that older models (in particular, the 340) have had problems with the shaver head popping off mid-shave. This problem appears to have been corrected in newer models (e.g., the 390cc), but it is something to look out for it if you're considering saving a few dollars and going with one of the older models.

So that's all she wrote. Hope you enjoyed learning about the Braun Series 3 and the needs of consumers in the men's grooming product market!