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 The novel, "Brava, Valentine," by Adriana Trigiani is the second novel in the Valentine series.  The first book is titled "Very Valentine" and I would highly recommend that you read the novels in order.  The series explores the life, loves and career of a gifted young custom shoemaker in New York in 2010.  Valentine, like the typical young woman of today, is trying to find the right balance between being successful in her chosen career, as well as wondering whether she should also be pursuing the traditional roles of wife and mother.  Trying to find the right balance causes her to feel continually uncertain and conflicted.  Many readers will identify with this story because it seems to be an honest portrayal of the choices facing many young women today.


This novel also goes even deeper into the international shoe business, including design and manufacture, which was fascinating.

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"Brava, Valentine" is a delightful romantic novel, the middle book of the Valentine series.

Why This Book May Interest You

The novel, "Brava, Valentine," by Adriana Trigiani, begins where Trigiani's first novel in this series, "Very Valentine," left off.  The reader picks up the life of Valentine Roncalli exactly where you left her at the end of "Very Valentine." Valentine is still striving to keep her struggling custom shoe company alive, while trying to maintain her relationships with her lovers, as well as finding her place within her large extended family. 


These novels are much more complex than the typical romance novel, because they deal with the realities of life in the 21st Century for many career women who are dating career-oriented men.  Should one of them make their career secondary in order to make the relationship succeed?  If so, should the woman give up her career or should the man make his career secondary to hers.  What if they both love what they are doing?  Is it possible to have a happy relationship if both people are diligent in the whole-hearted pursuit of their careers?

Make Sure You Read The First Novel First

Although this novel could stand on its own, there are so many references to the first novel in this series, "Very Valentine," that I would recommend that readers read "Very Valentine" before starting "Brava, Valentine."  The relationships, business problems, love affairs etc. are well mapped out in the earlier book, and "Brava, Valentine" continues to build on the characters and situations that were developed in the first novel  .In addition, the reader might not understand the complexities of the Roncalli family if they chose to skip the first novel.

In addition, like the first novel, this book is definitely written from the viewpoint of a woman and some men might be put off my the romance.  However, I think they would be interested in the business issues involved in the struggle to save her company.

In Closing

In summary, my Southern California book club has enjoyed reading this series.  It has sparked numerous discussions about what it is like to be a woman in today's world.  Is it better to pursue a career or a fulfilling married life?  Are both possible?  In the case of my book club, our membership consists of women in their 50's through their 70's who have made both choices; we have women who have had careers in business, education and law, as well as stay-at-home wives and mothers.  Some of the women have done both, at different times in their adult lives.  These books, while romantic, sexy and fun, are also thought-provoking and are sure to inspire thoughtful discussion about the complexities of being a woman today.  I think many women will enjoy adding this book to their summer reading list. Well done, Ms. Trigiani!


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