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Bread Kittens is a free iPhone/iPad game released by Bake450 Inc that makes an intriguing blend of two completely unrelated elements – cats and bread. In Bread Kittens, the evil ChowCorps has poisoned the cats and made them crazy. You play a baker whose job is to save these cats by baking and throwing bread at them. A weird concept, but the different breeds of kittens look deliciously cute wearing these bread slices, bagels and waffles on their heads.

Gameplay in Bread Kittens

The gameplay for Bread Kittens is fairly straightforward. You move to different areas, battle kittens, and capture them with bread when their health points (HP) are low.

Collecting kittens

Collect kittens by lowering their HP and capturing them with Capture Bread. The percentage chance of capturing a kitten is shown on the screen when you use a Capture Bread. Rare breeds are harder to catch than common ones, but they also tend to have better stats.

You can only capture a feral kitten if yours has a higher level and after you’ve lowered the feral kitten’s HP to a certain level.

At the moment, there are a total of 60 different kittens to collect, ranging from common ones such as the Classic Tabby or the Calico, to unique ones such as a Panther or a Tiger. Different breeds can be found in different areas and some are boss-types which are only available for capture after defeating the boss of the area at least once.

The full list of available kittens is displayed in the Kitten Dojo, where you can also view the kittens you’ve caught and those that you’ve met but haven’t managed to capture.

bread kittens kitten dojo

Baking bread

All the bread you use in Bread Kittens need to be baked in your bakery. Besides baking Capture Bread for catching kittens, you can also bake equipment-type bread and pastries that boost your kittens’ stats. Different types of bread increase different stats. For example, bread loafs increase attack by a percentage, bagels give your kittens more HP, buns give a multiplier to critical attack chance, and so on. The adorable kittens look even more irresistible when they wear these pastries on their heads.

Breads and pastries require flour and take time to bake. Better breads and pastries take more time and flour to make. You also unlock new recipes as you move on to different areas in the game. After unlocking a recipe, you have to buy it with flour before you can start using it.

baking bread in bread kittens

Battling in Bread Kittens

Battles are turn-based and you battle feral kittens with the ones you own and you can have up to three kittens in your team at any time. There are no fancy kitty skills or attacks to choose from, simply press anywhere on the screen during your turn to attack.

A marker moves back and forth on a gauge during your turn and you deal damage depending on how close to the middle of the gauge the marker is when you make your move. Attacking close to the middle of the gauge fills up the power bar, and a full power bar lets you unleash a much stronger attack.

You can use cat chow to restore your kitten’s HP if it gets too low.

If you win a battle, you receive items such as flour or cat chow. Nothing much seems to happen when you lose. You’ll just have to wait for your kittens to regain their HP.

Stars are awarded for your performance during battle. A battle where you time all your attacks in the middle of the gauge and keep your entire team alive gives you the maximum of three gold stars. Missing the middle of the gauge slightly will result in two silver stars, and if you let any of your kittens faint, you’ll receive only a bronze star. These stars don’t really have a function other than for unlocking achievements.

bread kittens battle

Boss Battles

Boss battles are much harder than normal battles and you’ll have to defeat a boss kitten at least once before you can try to capture it. The first boss battle in a new area is harder because the kitten is apparently extremely angry and receives some sort of stat boost. Subsequently, it loses the boost and becomes much easier to defeat.

Boss kittens are always uncommon or better, so it’s a great idea to collect them for a stronger kitty team.

Other features of Bread Kittens


Various achievements can be obtained easily in Bread Kittens. For example, there are achievements for purchasing certain bread, winning a number of battles, or even losing a number of battles. When you unlock an achievement, you are also rewarded with flour, cat chow, or Meow Bux.

Siamese slots

Siamese slots are available only after you defeat the boss of the first area. You get to spin the slots every day for a chance to win prizes. If you refer a certain number of friends to the game, you’ll receive bonus spins too.

Meowbux and store

Meowbux is the paid currency for Bread Kittens although there are ways to obtain Meowbux besides paying for it with real money. You can get free Meowbux by unlocking achievements and completing sponsored offers. However, if you do spend money on Meowbux, advertisements will be permanently removed from the game.

Meowbux can be used to speed up baking times, or to buy recipes in place of flour. You can also use Meowbux in the store to buy more cat chow, capture bread, and flour.

My thoughts on Bread Kittens

There’s no denying how cute Bread Kittens is but other than that, the game has lots of room for improvement. For example, the evil ChowCorps was briefly mentioned at the beginning of the game and doesn’t show up much after that. In fact, it didn’t seem like there was an evil corporation doing anything and more like I was just randomly battling some angry wild cats. Randomly battling cats isn’t necessarily bad but I thought they could have at least incorporated more of ChowCorps into the game if they were going to mention it at all.

bread kittens chowcorps

Unfortunately, despite its cuteness, I found Bread Kittens kind of boring. Everything seems a little too straightforward. There are no surprises and it’s mostly just repeating the same things after you clear the first area. Even during the battles, the kittens all attack the same regardless their breed.

I would love to complete the game and collect all the kittens but the lack of variety in gameplay makes this process really dull.


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