Technology is changing and innovating at lighting speed, it’s hard to break free from the chains of social media.  With almost every oneSocial Media 1Credit: of us owning at least a smartphone, tablet, laptop or even an internet television, how can we have the strength and willpower to disengage from the addicting world of social media?  Some say that people have lost their human touch.  If you believe this, I suggest you take time to rethink your priorities in forming relationships with others.  Don’t worry, you’re not a lost cause.

Here are some helpful tips to let you break away from your tweets, online posts and games.

Read a Book

Social Media 2Credit: of us has that one book we have always wanted to read but can’t find the time.  Go to the nearest bookstore and buy a book, not an eBook but a paperback.  Then, proceed to your favorite coffee shop and read your book.  The smell of a new book excites some people.  Resist the temptation to connect to the store’s Wi-Fi.  Concentrate on reading that book and let the story get you hooked.  After all, it’s the book that you always wanted to read, right?

Go for a Run or a Walk

Exercise is great for our body.  It helps us reduce stress and keeps us physically fit.  Leave your smartphone and your music player at your house.  Put on your running gear and head straight to the park or a running track.  Use this as an opportunity to meet new people.  If you’re single, then get ready to mingle.  Just talk to people face to face rather than chat with them online. Human interactions are a great way to get to know people better.

Do What You Love

Many people label themselves as a frustrated singer, dancer, writer or artist.  Do what you love to do even if you don't consider yourself to be great at it.  Look for your drawing materials - get a piece of paper and draw something.  Whether it’s a beautiful portrait of yourself or just doodles, you should still be proud of your output.  Sing or dance to the song of your choice.  Your family members or roommates might think that you’re crazy but at least you’re having fun.

Go Out with Friends

Haven’t seen your college friends for some time now?  It’s your payday and your work mates want to eat out?  Your best friend has a problem and invites you for a bottle of beer?  Go out to the movies Social Media 3Credit: them or have dinner after work.  This would be a good time for you to catch up, tell each other stories, problems or basically talk about anything.  Talking to other people can reduce stress, brighten your mood or who knows, they might have just the perfect piece of advice for you to get your problem solved.  Enjoying a conversation and having a good laugh can be the best outlet for you to relieve your stress.

Having alone time, free from the pressure and stress caused by social media can be both healthy and fulfilling.  This can also result to a fresh outlook in life and stronger relationships with others.  So what are you waiting for?  Break free from social media, at least for a little while!