It happened again! You had a break up and now you are hurting tremendously. If you want a quick healing and fast results break up spells can help tremendously.

Start by doing a spell of healing. This will help you to relax, and release some of the pain, setting the stage for the next step to draw love into your life again.

To heal and clear the pain it is recommended to use a white, light green or a light blue candle. Choose the candle that makes you feel soothed and rejuvenated.

Rub this candle lightly with lavender oil. Light it up and ask your pain be removed, the problems of the past be healed and your heart be readied for love.

Allow this candle to burn down completely. It is important to get a candle large enough to burn for a few hours at least for its power to work.

After you have completed this portion of the break up spell, you are now ready to begin the second step. Get yourself a pink candle large enough to burn for a few hours. Dress this candle with Lemon Balm and honeysuckle oils or two different contrasting oils . One of the oils should be warm and the other sweet. A light coating of it will be enough.

Now take this candle and hold it up to the east stating, "I now bless this candle to provide love to me for the highest and best good of all involved." Light the candle. As it burns recite over and over again, "My love is coming to me now." When you feel ready speak out loud the qualities your love will have.

Continue by asking if your lost lover is the right person for you that he or she be returned to you. Say this three times with significant meaning. It is important to realize that you are not asking or commanding your lost lover return, but rather you are asking for that person to return if it is the best outcome for both of you.

If it is meant your lost lover come to you then that person will return to you. If it is not, then you will attract new love.

I have done break up spells a few times in my own life with excellent results. The man I was involved with returned to me and we had a fresh start.

Some individuals are not responsive to energy, so will not be affected by the break up spells, but others are. You will find out whether your lost love is subject to the workings of spells by doing it.

If that person is, you will find your break up will be healed very quickly.