Break Up Survival Guide

We've all been there, on the couch eating ice cream straight from the container wondering where we went wrong. Some of us will be there again. Getting to true love takes some persistent and a healthy dose of failure. This break up survival guide shows you how to move on with your life so you can finally get to true love.

Wallow. Give yourself a little time to feel heartbroken. You might realize that you've been in an abusive relationship and need to seek professional help. Granted, you don't want to be stuck in the wallowing stage. It can be therapeutic though to just take a whole day and watch romantic comedies and eat chocolate. This will keep you from storing up all your negative emotions. Get your best friends around you to join in on the party. You will need to do a little introspection so that you can avoid the same problems again in the future, but it's important to move on.

Break it off already. Really when you say you are going to be friends with your ex it just prolongs the relationship. Sure, it's possible. It may even be necessary if you have kids together. A little distance in the beginning can give you perspective. Delete his number, get rid of his stuff. Most importantly, stop calling him. He can't help you get over this because he's the reason you ended up in this place. Stop looking at his MySpace page and analyzing every comment on it.

Start with little steps. You might feel like you've lost everything if you've been with the same person for a long time. It can be devastating and overwhelming. Start off by getting dressed and getting out of the house. You don't have to date until you're ready. Spend time around people and pursuing your own goals instead of dwelling on where it went wrong.

Refocus your future. You might have already had your future kids' names planned out; there might be a wedding dress in your closet. Use this time to refocus on what you want and who you are. This will take your mind off your heartache and it can be better for you in the long run.

Avoid making drastic changes. Your gut may say that you need to get away, move. Every little thing reminds you of your ex. You might have made a lot of sacrifices about where and how you live for this person. Give yourself a little time before making drastic life changes that you may regret when your head is a little clearer.

Break ups are painful. There really isn't a way around that. You invested in a relationship and for whatever reason it didn't work out. Learn from the experience and keep moving. If you give it a little, (or in extreme cases a lot) of time you can recover and be even better than before.