Most of us can't wait for the weekend to get here.  Unfortunately, some of us are stuck in a rut and even our weekends can be boring.  Try these zany activities to break out of your boring weekend routine and add some spice to your weekend without breaking the bank.

Sing a Song Out Loud

Sing loudly on a Friday night before bedtime or on a Saturday morning just after waking. Weekend Routine 1Credit: You can sing a song you know or one you don't.  You can sing from memory or read off the lyrics.

The key is to sing your heart out.  Are you out of tune?  No problem.  Are you off-key?  That doesn’t matter.  Just belt it out with all the emotion you can muster.

Sing alone, with a loved one, for a group of friends or before an audience of strangers.  Just do it carefree and with flare.  If you mess up the words, play it off and press on with your performance.  

The point is to break out of a weekend rut by creating a fun, emotionally charged experience. 

Memorize the Poem “Anabelle Lee”

Why memorize Anabelle Lee?  Well, why not?

"Anabelle Lee"  is a poignant composition by Edgar Allan Poe, completed just before he died.  If you really want to know the details about this poem, you can start by memorizing its lines over the weekend.  If you begin on Friday night, you can recite the poem flawlessly by Sunday evening.  All it requires is a little commitment.

This is also useful if you are suddenly called upon to give an impromptu performance during the approaching holiday celebrations.  Simply deliver the poem emotionally, and you now have an original talent to showcase!

Run or Run Differently

Maybe you hit the gym regularly or maybe you’ve never even jogged in your life, but just for this weekend, why not run like you never have before.

Weekend Routine 2Credit: regular runners and fitness enthusiasts, have you tried running backwards?  If not, then run backwards this weekend!

Run backwards in a park or jogging track to eliminate accidents.  Yes, we want you to be refreshed by an interruption of your ordinary weekend routine, but we don’t want you rushing to the hospital.

For non-runners, this is the time of your life to run as much as you can.  Don't push yourself to the limits.  Run only as fast or as long as seems resonalble and enjoyable.  Try running in beautiful settings, and get a friend to join as well.

Try Something You’ve Never Tried Before

Greet a neighbor you have never spoken to, cook a new recipe, or even visit a new shop.

How can anyone ever run out of something new to do?  Yes, we eat all the time, but we haven’t tried eating everything edible in this world, have we?

Stick to something that is not detrimental to either your health or your relationships with others.  Do something that can build you or somebody else up.  This way, not only will you have freed yourself from your dull weekend deeds, but would have also done something meaningful.

Finally, Laugh Out Aloud

Yes, laugh yourself silly!  Weekend Routine 3Credit:

It is more challenging than it may seem.  On most weekends, we sleep too much or do too many chores.  We are unconsciously rendering ourselves sombre.  Sometimes, we hang out with people with whom we only get to laugh demurely with or don’t laugh at all. 

Find ways to make yourself laugh like there's no tomorrow.  Whether it is spending time with a hilarious friend, watching a show you find really funny, or even watching your kids’ antics - do it to get yourself laughing. 

Try these five things this weekend.  These would definitely give rise to something remarkable, something special and something different from your usual humdrum weekend.